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Afternoon Shade


For my final blog post before my trip to England, I found an image from my last trip to Rye in East Sussex, a lovely medieval silted up port. I spent an afternoon walking up and down the narrow cobbled lanes and even bought small antique china and enamel retro kitchen ware from twee antique shops and charity stores with an eye to using them in future still life set-ups back in France.

This couple of old dears were slowly ambling along, and I managed to steal a cheeky shot, whist they dithered in a pub doorway. Strangely the word ‘mint’ poped up behind them whilst texturing, which I quickly cloned out, and I now see its a famous pub, I swear I don’t hang around pubs with trip-wires for models!
For the annoying crease across the gents shirt, which Martine advised me to iron out, I sometimes show work in progress to Martine or Jill and vice-versa, as its always handy to have the input from a fresh pair of eyes!

His shirt patten annoyed me, as I thought it made the pair look slightly too modern, so I blurred the shirt area only with Gaussian blur and it worked a treat, I also blurred the whole image to soften and enhance the feel of afternoon heat.
The recipe was fairly straight forward after a colour tweak in Nik Color Pro, using these settings:

Cross Processing B02 53%
Classical Soft Focus 1- Defused detail 18%, Strength 43%, Brightness 6%

Flypaper Textures:

Sariel Leather @ Soft Light  73%
Muscatel @Soft light  39% (blurred)
Pantheon Stone @Soft Light  100%
Swanns Way @Soft Light  17%

Sariel Leather is from the Summer Painterly Pack. Muscatel is from Tex Box 2, Pantheon Stone  and Swanns way are from the Spring Painterly pack

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White rose


Winter is starting to show itself here in southern New Zealand so to get my flower fix I had a trawl of my archives and found this rose which cried out for the additon of some texture. It’s a lovely easy recipe today utilising just two textures.

Aqua Vita @ hard light 91% masked softly from the flower. this provided much of the background texture.
Copy of background @ soft light 25%
And then to add some softness and a tiny bit of warm tone
Bellini @ Soft light 34%
Bellini @ Soft Light 34%
Bellini @ screen 17%
And yes you read that correctly, I have duplicated the Bellini layer 3 times, I like to do this to add depth. There was no Nik, no curves, no other adjustments….just the way I like it, nice and simple 🙂
Bellini and Aqua Vita are from the August Painterly Pack
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Jousting Horses


Back in the blog chair with a totally fresh image from this morning, I practically tripped over the annual Medieval Camel festival parade at the top of my lane here in the old ancient central area of French Beziers. I love these Mediterranean antique dressed parades, because they have so much rich photographic material!

Here were two horsemen in their jousting gear, the original image when moused-over has a dizzying effect on the eye, way too much going on in the colour department. So first I thought I’d play with it in Nik Color Efex Pro 4. Now I have my brand new 27″ Imac I get all Nik’s features, whereas before the old Imac glitched with Nik, anyhow, cutting to the chase now I can save my recipes for you guys and its printed in full below.

After the Nik color processing the image had a very red look about it, and also the horses nose had blown out with the cross processing so I quickly hand cloned it darker and I also knocked back the 2nd horses head highlights. (I’m still not happy with my fast fix and will redo it later)

I used just one flypaper texture, my old favorite Touchstone, this helped knock back the redness and added a grungy atmosphere that Nik had polished out.

Finally, with my illustrators hat on, I’d like to point out that there are two possible book cover format images here.
The left side, the horseman, the right side the horse, try covering each side up and you’ll see how an illustrator would make light work of this. For many this could be a problem, do they submit it as two images or the one full image? My advice to people who care to listen would be to create three images, these two Bookcover formats and a much differently processed third landscape full version, all very acceptable separate images for stock, happy days!

Nik Color Efex Pro 4 recipe;

Cross process TO1 strength 18%

Dynamic skin softener 25%

Monday Morning Violet 66% Brightness 6% smear 73% Color 52%

Flypaper Texture;

Touchtone @ 100% Overlay mode

Touchstone is from the Summer Painterly Pack
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Tintype Jug


Yet another blog post from me!  Paul has had computer problems recently  but he’s almost back up to speed now with a sparkling new toy so you will be pleased to know there will be blog posts from him again in the not too distant future 🙂
In today’s photo you’ll see my newly acquired enamel jug, I inherited it from my father who used to use it for watering his tomatoes. My father has recently sold his house and my sister and I have been very busy clearing it out, a very hard job both physically and emotionally….there are memories attached to almost everything! My stock of photographic props has increased tenfold though and now my house needs another de-clutter!.

Anyway, on to the processing.
Tintype 29 @ Soft light 100% masked softly from the flower
Mystic Hues @ Soft light 100% with its colour desaturated and toned more blue using a hue saturation adjustment.
Curves adjustment to lighten and tweak the tone.

Tintype 29 is from the Tintype Edge pack and Mystic Hues is from the Spring Painterly Pack.

Dark Rose


A recipe for this one was requested by our friend Ann over on flickr and we were happy to oblige. As you can see the image started out as a scan once again, you can also see how dusty my scanner is at the moment…it all adds to the texture!
I started by running the image through Nik Silver Efex to convert it to black and white to taste, in this case I used a creamy tone rather than a straight black and white. Then it was onto the tintypes.
Tintype 26@ soft light 100%
Copy of Tintype 26 @ Screen 38% with some of the texture removed from the central portion.
Copy of toned background layer @ normal 34%
Gotico @ Soft light 100% blurred a little to soften
Masque @ overlay 34%
And it was done
Gotico and Masque are from the August Painterly set.

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Tintype Hydrangea


I hope you’re all enjoying playing with the wonderful new Tintype Edges as much as we are. They’re going to be very versatile especially if you want an authentic vintage look. Paul and I have been experimenting with scanning things on our flatbed scanners and then texturing, scanning gives a very narrow depth of field and wonderful clarity, of course you could get the same result with lens wide open but scanning is so easy to do…and fun!
The original photo was scanned in tif with the scanner lid open, I then opened it in Photoshop. I actually did the preliminary processing of this one before we launched the pack and then revisited it yesterday, deciding to crop it closer than it had been originally, as a result I’ve cropped the edges off all  of the lower tintype  layers in the layer stack.

Anyway, the processing.
My bottom layer was a texture, in fact Tintype 30 @ Normal
Next came the Hydrangea @ soft light 100%
Copy of hydrangea which had been through Nik Color Efex cross balance filter to give it a bluer tone @ normal 68%
Copy of background Hydrangea @ Multiply 28%
Tintype 26 @ Soft light 67%
I then stamped visible Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E on my PC
And to increase detail I used the Nik Color Efex Dark Contrasts Filter to taste, this layer is @ Normal 40%
Tinytpe 28@ Lighten 100% masked from everything except the edge.

All textures are from the Tintype Edges pack.
And while we’re here, we’d like to highlight the wonderful work with the Tintype Edges done by our very own web designer Jason, go here to see!
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Tintype Edges Launch!

Mosaic two redo

Welcome to our much-requested second Antique Edges texture pack!
This brand new pack has been years in the making, as we started buying original Antique Tintypes back in the noughties building up a large enough collection to justify creaming off only the most interesting to include in this unique Tintype Edge flypaper set. This Tintype Edge pack contains 37 unique textures, and this time there is a good mix of portrait, landscape and square formats. Exact sizes vary but all are 4500 px minimum on their shortest side and all are 300dpi. The two below are Daguerreotypes and wouldn’t fit into our usual mosaic but are also included.


These tintypes can be used on their own as textures or as bases or even as a sandwich under our original Glass Edges along with all our textures and so we’re really looking forward to showing some interesting combinations with them over the coming weeks to inspire your creativity!
To whet your appetites, below we show one of our experimental images, a magnolia seed head that was simply scanned on an open scanner in Tiff and then superimposed on Tintype number 34 from this pack using Photoshop, however we’ll share full recipe info and big mouse-overs on these scanned ‘collection’ images in upcoming blogs.

Unknown tree seed pod


Combining Lensbaby selective focusing with these tintypes will create a visual marriage made in heaven. Other uses include replicating the now popular wet plate collodion process for shallow depth of field portraiture, Civil War re-enactment photographic replications and even creating
‘The Walking Dead’ Zombie look !

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Tintype Edge Textures

37 Tintype Edge Textures

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Yesterday afternoon we went for a quick drive out to Otago Peninsula and  got some much needed exercise walking up the hill to the Highcliff War memorial, it was a short but steep climb but the views from the top are wonderful and it was worth the walk.

This is one of the shots I took from up there. I opened it in Photoshop and tried out several textures to see what would work best with the image –  I liked the look of Sisely on the grass, and Tempest Seas on the land so inspired by that, I decided to try and use a different texture on each separate layer. This didn’t go exactly as planned -I could probably have spent another week finding just  the right texture for the sea and sky but patience isn’t one of my virtues :-). I ended up using  more subtle textures on the upper portions  rather than the strong ones I’d initially envisioned.

Anyway, here’s the processing, it involved a lot of masking and the rough cloning out of a row of trees that I thought didn’t add to the composition.
Sisley @ soft light 83% masked from everything except the foreground grass
Tempest Seas @ Overlay 80% masked from everything except the hills
Matmos Lake @ Overlay 100 % masked from everything except the sky and sea
Vieux Gris @ Overlay 19% masked from everything except the sky
Vetiver @ Overaly 100% (this lovely soft green texture gave an overall softness to the image.
I then used a very soft Nik Color Efex cross processing layer to tweak the tone slightly, I could probably have used curves but I love the ease of Nik!
And it was done! I’m definitely going to try and do this again sometime.

Sisley and Tempest Seas are from the Spring Painterly Pack, Matmos Lake is from the Summer Painterly Pack, Vetiver and Vieux Gris are from the Autumn Painterly Pack.

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Kings of the Hill


First of all for those of you that missed the announcement, at last we have page numbers at the bottom of our Blog so you can visit our older posts more easily. We’ve also added a brand new Tag cloud page (accessed from the drop down menu under Blog. It is still having some teething issues and doesn’t display properly in Firefox but that’s being worked on.  Many of our older posts  which were transferred over from our old blog still won’t show up in the tag search as they’re not tagged  but that’s being rectified at the moment, in addition  the mouseovers for the older posts no longer work so if you desperately want to see what the “before” looks like, you’ll have to do a search on our old Blog.

Okay back to the photo, this was taken on a road trip along dusty gravel roads to inland Otago early one summer morning, the fog had just lifted and they were standing on their rock  being curious as cattle are, watching a mob of sheep being moved into a neighbouring paddock.

Onto the processing…
Alluvione @ Soft Light 47% masked from the ground and cattle.
Tiepolo @ Soft Light 100% gently masked from the cattle and upper portion of image.
Ducale @ Overlay 100% masked from cattle.
Tempesta @ Overaly 60% destaturated.

I finished with a levels adjustment to tweak tone and then one of my little secret processing tips which can also help with the overall toning. Create a black and white adjustment layer to your taste and put it in Luminosity blending mode. It really just adds depth to the tones in a very subtle way.
All the textures are from the August Painterly Pack.

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end of the line


Today I wanted to show how I produced this textural feast of a picture using both texture panels of Russell Brown’s new Pro-panel.
Naturally I started off with first texture set 1 or if you have the Taster pack, they are the same textures but in a loose format.
Also, if you later want to print off your image or sell commercially, its always a good idea to save your PS files with the texture layers – unflattened, so that you can recreate the image with our full size textures without any risk of your final print quality being compromised.

Back on the beach, actually my first visit of the year after a colder winter than normal, shooting with my Lensbaby Optic 80, thinking the misty mostly cloudy afternoon might suit its moody effect. The scene shown is heading back to the volvo, the car hidden behind the dunes. I walked around the poles to get the background clouds just in the right spot, clicking all the time and checking the light settings on the fly. Back at home this shot jumped out as being interesting and not too blurred in the right place!
The Raw image is under the lefthand image, see how dark the exposure has to be to ensure the sky isn’t blown-out?
Thus I first I brightened it slightly in Nik color pro, using the detail enhancer filter and then the Lighten Center filter to highlight the pole and bottom beach area, finishing with a colour tweak. You’ll see the bottom is visibly brighter around the poles.

To get to the top left hand halfway stage I just used the textures from the 1st taster set.

Panel illustration


Here is the recipe:
Taster 1
Sariel Leather – Overlay @ 27% (right hand corners brushed away)
Muscatel – Soft Light @ 31%
Creme Anglaise – Soft Light 86%
Aquarius – Soft Light @ 48%
Touchstone – Soft Light @ 29%

I could have left it here, many would have, but I really wanted to beef up the depth, the heavy edges in taster 2 are designed to do just this, the base of the right-hand image is the midway point, see how the edges are clean at this point. We’ve added a couple of Glass Edges and an antique tintype, I used one of each as the recipe shows:

Taster 2
Brushed Rose – Soft Light @ 100% (right hand corners brushed away)
Fly Edges 3 – Soft Light @ 100%
Stygian Tin – Soft Light @ 63%

The result is a kind of Antique/Retro colour plate effect, possibly ok for illustrating one of those dust bowl depression era novels?
I could have carried on, many would have added a few birds, but I think it would have compromised its bleakness, over-egging it and turning it into kitsch.

Sariel Leather, Aquarius, Brushed Rose, Touchstone and Stygian Tin are from the Summer Painterly Pack, Creme Anglaise is from the Spring Painterly Pack and Fly Edge 3 is from the Fly Edges Pack

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