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Tintype Edges Launch!

Mosaic two redo

Welcome to our much-requested second Antique Edges texture pack!
This brand new pack has been years in the making, as we started buying original Antique Tintypes back in the noughties building up a large enough collection to justify creaming off only the most interesting to include in this unique Tintype Edge flypaper set. This Tintype Edge pack contains 37 unique textures, and this time there is a good mix of portrait, landscape and square formats. Exact sizes vary but all are 4500 px minimum on their shortest side and all are 300dpi. The two below are Daguerreotypes and wouldn’t fit into our usual mosaic but are also included.


These tintypes can be used on their own as textures or as bases or even as a sandwich under our original Glass Edges along with all our textures and so we’re really looking forward to showing some interesting combinations with them over the coming weeks to inspire your creativity!
To whet your appetites, below we show one of our experimental images, a magnolia seed head that was simply scanned on an open scanner in Tiff and then superimposed on Tintype number 34 from this pack using Photoshop, however we’ll share full recipe info and big mouse-overs on these scanned ‘collection’ images in upcoming blogs.

Unknown tree seed pod


Combining Lensbaby selective focusing with these tintypes will create a visual marriage made in heaven. Other uses include replicating the now popular wet plate collodion process for shallow depth of field portraiture, Civil War re-enactment photographic replications and even creating
‘The Walking Dead’ Zombie look !

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Tintype Edge Textures

37 Tintype Edge Textures

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Yesterday afternoon we went for a quick drive out to Otago Peninsula and  got some much needed exercise walking up the hill to the Highcliff War memorial, it was a short but steep climb but the views from the top are wonderful and it was worth the walk.

This is one of the shots I took from up there. I opened it in Photoshop and tried out several textures to see what would work best with the image –  I liked the look of Sisely on the grass, and Tempest Seas on the land so inspired by that, I decided to try and use a different texture on each separate layer. This didn’t go exactly as planned -I could probably have spent another week finding just  the right texture for the sea and sky but patience isn’t one of my virtues :-). I ended up using  more subtle textures on the upper portions  rather than the strong ones I’d initially envisioned.

Anyway, here’s the processing, it involved a lot of masking and the rough cloning out of a row of trees that I thought didn’t add to the composition.
Sisley @ soft light 83% masked from everything except the foreground grass
Tempest Seas @ Overlay 80% masked from everything except the hills
Matmos Lake @ Overlay 100 % masked from everything except the sky and sea
Vieux Gris @ Overlay 19% masked from everything except the sky
Vetiver @ Overaly 100% (this lovely soft green texture gave an overall softness to the image.
I then used a very soft Nik Color Efex cross processing layer to tweak the tone slightly, I could probably have used curves but I love the ease of Nik!
And it was done! I’m definitely going to try and do this again sometime.

Sisley and Tempest Seas are from the Spring Painterly Pack, Matmos Lake is from the Summer Painterly Pack, Vetiver and Vieux Gris are from the Autumn Painterly Pack.

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Kings of the Hill


First of all for those of you that missed the announcement, at last we have page numbers at the bottom of our Blog so you can visit our older posts more easily. We’ve also added a brand new Tag cloud page (accessed from the drop down menu under Blog. It is still having some teething issues and doesn’t display properly in Firefox but that’s being worked on.  Many of our older posts  which were transferred over from our old blog still won’t show up in the tag search as they’re not tagged  but that’s being rectified at the moment, in addition  the mouseovers for the older posts no longer work so if you desperately want to see what the “before” looks like, you’ll have to do a search on our old Blog.

Okay back to the photo, this was taken on a road trip along dusty gravel roads to inland Otago early one summer morning, the fog had just lifted and they were standing on their rock  being curious as cattle are, watching a mob of sheep being moved into a neighbouring paddock.

Onto the processing…
Alluvione @ Soft Light 47% masked from the ground and cattle.
Tiepolo @ Soft Light 100% gently masked from the cattle and upper portion of image.
Ducale @ Overlay 100% masked from cattle.
Tempesta @ Overaly 60% destaturated.

I finished with a levels adjustment to tweak tone and then one of my little secret processing tips which can also help with the overall toning. Create a black and white adjustment layer to your taste and put it in Luminosity blending mode. It really just adds depth to the tones in a very subtle way.
All the textures are from the August Painterly Pack.

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end of the line


Today I wanted to show how I produced this textural feast of a picture using both texture panels of Russell Brown’s new Pro-panel.
Naturally I started off with first texture set 1 or if you have the Taster pack, they are the same textures but in a loose format.
Also, if you later want to print off your image or sell commercially, its always a good idea to save your PS files with the texture layers – unflattened, so that you can recreate the image with our full size textures without any risk of your final print quality being compromised.

Back on the beach, actually my first visit of the year after a colder winter than normal, shooting with my Lensbaby Optic 80, thinking the misty mostly cloudy afternoon might suit its moody effect. The scene shown is heading back to the volvo, the car hidden behind the dunes. I walked around the poles to get the background clouds just in the right spot, clicking all the time and checking the light settings on the fly. Back at home this shot jumped out as being interesting and not too blurred in the right place!
The Raw image is under the lefthand image, see how dark the exposure has to be to ensure the sky isn’t blown-out?
Thus I first I brightened it slightly in Nik color pro, using the detail enhancer filter and then the Lighten Center filter to highlight the pole and bottom beach area, finishing with a colour tweak. You’ll see the bottom is visibly brighter around the poles.

To get to the top left hand halfway stage I just used the textures from the 1st taster set.

Panel illustration


Here is the recipe:
Taster 1
Sariel Leather – Overlay @ 27% (right hand corners brushed away)
Muscatel – Soft Light @ 31%
Creme Anglaise – Soft Light 86%
Aquarius – Soft Light @ 48%
Touchstone – Soft Light @ 29%

I could have left it here, many would have, but I really wanted to beef up the depth, the heavy edges in taster 2 are designed to do just this, the base of the right-hand image is the midway point, see how the edges are clean at this point. We’ve added a couple of Glass Edges and an antique tintype, I used one of each as the recipe shows:

Taster 2
Brushed Rose – Soft Light @ 100% (right hand corners brushed away)
Fly Edges 3 – Soft Light @ 100%
Stygian Tin – Soft Light @ 63%

The result is a kind of Antique/Retro colour plate effect, possibly ok for illustrating one of those dust bowl depression era novels?
I could have carried on, many would have added a few birds, but I think it would have compromised its bleakness, over-egging it and turning it into kitsch.

Sariel Leather, Aquarius, Brushed Rose, Touchstone and Stygian Tin are from the Summer Painterly Pack, Creme Anglaise is from the Spring Painterly Pack and Fly Edge 3 is from the Fly Edges Pack

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Adobe Pro Panel


We’re delighted to show you Russell Brown’s new free Pro Texture Panel! Exclusively available to Adobe Cloud paid members only.
As you can see from the screenshots texture thumbs its darker, grungier and moodier, even our green Flypaper sales button now has grunge!
This time we wanted to offer a totally different palette because with this pro panel you get both sets of Flypaper Texture samplers – hard-wired! Also it works twice as fast, its more snappy to use and it has a new innovative chaos button at the base.
For the complete science bit please head over to our friend, Jonathan Ferman’s Adobe Exchange Blog; Where even non-cloud members can also view Russell Brown’s new illustrative video tutorial that ships with this new Pro Panel.

Included in this new hard wired Pro-Panel, you’ll find several brand new textures, three of which are from Bonny Lhotka’s brand new,
yet to be launched Steampunk set!
We also include three new textures from our forthcoming textures set; Metallic Ice, Oval Crack and smoker, due out very soon!
An extra bonus is one of our Antique Edges, number 4, these edge type textures were what the first Panel lacked, so we hope you guys have a more altogether rounded textural experience!


Smoker – Soft Light @ 100%
Fly Edge 4 – Multiply @ 29%
Metallic Ice – Soft Light @ 100%

Smoker and Metallic Ice are from a soon-to-be released pack, Fly Edge 4 is from the Fly Edges pack.

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Tree Sunrise


Recently Jill pointed out I’d not done a blog entry for months! So here it is, my mea culpa blog! But I must also quickly add that I’ve not been lying on my laurels, I’ve been doing loads backstage and this will shortly become evident with new flypaper projects that we’re not at liberty to share at the moment.

One of these projects needed new imagery and thus I found this oldie but a goldie image, never released in this format before, the original is a small square crop and now graces at least 3 metaphysical book covers in France and the USA – thanks to Getty images. Shot just before midsummer dawn headed towards the beach, even the rudely awakened dog was still groggy and you could just see he was thinking “WTF?”.

Recently shooting towards the sun has again become all the rage, which I think its a throwback to 1960’s/1970’s psychedelic photography? Or perhaps people are just beginning to get more comfortable with digital photography, whatever, Getty absolutely love these kind of images! Today anything and everything can be utilised to inject a bit of excitement or difference into imagery, Flypaper Textures, lens flares, selective focus, Tilt Shift, light bleeds, lens baby effects, the lot!

These kind of wide landscape images which btw, make great website headers, were made up from two pano shots and merged, as I didn’t own a wide proper angle lens back then.
Quickly textured using the Dr Russell Brown Flypaper Textures script, which btw, we’ve recently heard is Adobe’s number one download!
– Took just a couple of minutes to complete, the classic Leaky Garret showing the most textural mood here from our Flypapers dawn, Tex Box 1

The original, on the old flypaper blog was mainly achieved with the use of another absolute classic from Tex Box 1 texture, Muscatel. However I chose not to use Muscatel this time as I didn’t want this image too warm..

Apple Blush – Soft light @ 100%
Leaky Garret – Soft light @ 100%
Creme Anglaise – Soft light @ 49%

Here are a set of flypaper painting videos created by our new best friend Thomas Churchwell !

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The Swimmer


We are enjoying a lovely hot summer here in southern New Zealand, it makes a change from last year when it was often overcast and cool. It was an especially hot day yesterday and the beach was the place to be, like many New Zealand beaches especially on a week day this one was all but deserted. We watched this woman walk through the flock of seagulls towards the sea, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of her, the sea looked so inviting I was almost ready to join her.

Anyway the texturing, this was as usual fairly simple.
Capability Brown @ Soft Light 52%
Catacomb Frieze @ Overlay 100% desaturated a little to make it less “fruity” using a hue saturation adjustment
Omega @ Soft Light 100%
And it was done!
Capability Brown is from the Autumn Painterly Set, Omega and Catacomb Frieze are from the Spring Painterly Set.

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Sometimes it’s the unintentional photos that work the best! Yesterday afternoon I noticed some storm clouds brewing to the south so we rushed out to the beach to see if I could get some photos with dramatic skies over the sea but the heavens opened before I got there and it absolutely poured down, the rain was so heavy that the wipers could hardly cope. I took this shot out the car windscreen between wiper passes and loved the impressionist look of the result much better than than the beach photos I took once the rain had passed. The softness of the original made it perfectly suited to textures.

Now the processing…
Nik Color Efex Ink filter adjusted to taste, this gave the shot it’s yellow/purple toning
Filone @ Overlay 60% masked gently from the central portion
Filone @ Overlay 60% masked as above
Tempesta @ Overlay 100%
Copy of Nik Ink layer @ Soft light 50%
And it was done!
Filone and Tempesta are both from the August Painterly Pack

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I love finding forgotten images in my archives, I turned this one up yesterday, I think the red background of the original had put me off processing earlier. The shell in the photo was found on a local beach, they’re tiny, only a centimetre or so across but can be found in great numbers at the low tide mark and there’s a lot of variation between them. I loved this one for it’s wonderful iridescent colour.

Processing as always was very easy.
I started by using a hue saturation adjustment and desaturated the red channel only.
Then a fairly strong curves adjustment to increase the contrast.
Converted to black and white to taste using the Photoshop black and white adjustment @ 48% opacity.
Now the textures….
Mudbits0124a @ Soft light 22%
L’ocean bleu @ Overlay 100 %
It looked okay at this stage but to add a bit more drama I went to Nik Color Efex and added used the Darken/lighten centre filter at fairly subtle settings.
And it was done!
Mudbits is from the Naturalbits pro pack, L’ocean bleu is from The Autumn Painterly Pack.

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French Toys and Naturalbits Pro Pack

French Toys Overlays

NaturalBits Pro Sized Pack

For our final release of 2012 we have a large collection of vintage French Toys and Gifts png image files which amount to around 500. The subject gave us the idea to add a seasonal touch with 3 extra sheets of vintage greetings card headers to set you guys off straight away creating! Other uses include  embellishing photographs, art montages, decorating photo albums, scrap booking, a graphic design source, Christmas and New Years cards, gift parcel labels and wrapping paper and even fabric design! Think toy toile de jouy for kids bedrooms and not just for Christmas, for the whole year!

Take a look at this page of Google Images and become inspired!

The header image base was made with our classic grunge Flypaper Texture: Tex Box 2 – Colosseum Sienna and is not included with this set.
The black and white png toy images were easily changed to colour by: Layer Style – double click Colour Overlay – Click top red button twice – move colour picker icon to desired colour – Move opacity slider down to around 75% – OK – knock back final opacity to around 70% for the above look. We’ve found the best colours to use are of the more earthy tones, similar to the ones seen on the toile de jouy Google image page.

Naturalbits texture set

We’re also delighted to launch Bonny Pierce Lhotka professionally sized Naturalbits Texture Set!  After several enquiries from Bonny’s fans we managed to distract Bonny away from her very busy new book publishing schedule to provide us with the full sized and expanded texture set we have already been hosting for several months, these 30 professional textures are sized at 300 dpi and are 4000 x 3200, they’re intended for  all your fine art printing and web publishing needs.

The look you get from these new textures is a kind-of effect you would receive if you were processing your images through a Fine Art Print Studio, it will help to take your images up another level, adding depth and interest, they can be used in several ways, firstly as a base or background, an overlay or a traditional texture. We’ve seen some lovely examples of mock Victorian portraits, as the vignette effect in this pack is perfect for such work. These textures are crafted with several layers of differing materials, then cooked in chemical baths, the seemingly random effects this Alchemy produces gives a distressed, almost metallic plate effect, you would receive from a very costly fine art print process.  Both graphic designers and fine art photographers will be thrilled with this fresh new look! Take a look at Russell Browns images with Bonny’s textures and become really inspired!


More information can be found on the respective pack pages. To download, click on the add to cart button, a download link will be sent to you upon payment.

French Vintage Toys Overlays

31 Pages of Toys plus 3 Bonus Text Headers

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Natural Bits Textures

30 Grunge Textures and Edges

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