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Once again apologies for the lack of recipe blog posts recently, we’ve been very busy with pack launches and suchlike, hopefully we’ll be posting more here soon, I know Paul has some lovely ones to share with you but in the meantime, another flower!

These aquilegia also have the very apt common name of Granny’s Bonnets, you can just imagine granny in her pretty pastel blue bonnet! Another common name for them is columbine, which apparently comes from the Latin for dove as the inverted flower resembles 5 doves crowded together. I love finding out how things got their names! The flowers which are perennials grow like weeds in my garden and most of seedlings seem to revert to a dark purple colour, thankfully there are few of these pretty pale blue ones though.

The processing and it’s relatively subtle…
Fly Nik Presets 6 Brussels Portrait (adjusted to taste)
Alonso @ Soft Light 77%
Miranda @ Overlay 25% (removed from focus flower using a mask)

Fly 6 Brussels Portrait is from the new Nik Presets Pack, Alonso and Miranda are from the Tempest Painterly Pack.

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Flypaper Nik Presets 6 Launch

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For Thanksgiving and Cyber monday week we’re holding another popular Black Friday Sale. Simply enter the code Birdfly when purchasing and you’ll receive a 25% discount off any products, including the new preset pack but hurry as this discount is only valid until November 30! 🙂

Welcome to our brand new, up to date popular presets for Nik Color Efex. This 6th pack of 44 Fly Nik Color presets includes a recent pro couple shoot in sunset lighting and also a mixture of subtle and dramatic and are perfect for jazzing up your holiday and pro imagery, for use with textures and without, the sample images pictured above are mostly without so you can get an idea of their effects, a few of the above images are not yet published, but we’ll blog those shortly using some of the presets in this pack.

The Nik collection for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge is now free so if you don’t already have it or need to update an older version head over to the Nik homepage and Download!

A tutorial on installing the presets (including screenshots) can be found HERE Once imported into Nik Colour Efex, the presets will then be found in the custom recipe list. Each Preset begins with the handy preface: Fly 6, so you’ll always know this set from others.

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44 Presets for Nik Color Efex
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Edges 3 Launch

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Need to add authentic age to Steampunk imagery or attain a fantasy Alice in Wonderland photographic look?
Did you yearn for a natural large plate format photographic feel?
Have you ever wanted natural un-contrived edges that are not the everyday humdrum TTV retro, but something a little bit special?
Then this is the product for you!:-)

Two years ago we launched our second bestselling Edges 2, since then we’ve scoured France and have gleaned a whole new batch of worthy Glass Edges!
This time we have included 8 rare antique widescreen landscape Edges, @ almost twice the acreage of a normal plate. Also we’ve managed to up the size a little more to:
5000px smallest side whilst the 8 landscape plates come in at a whopping 5000px X 10000px!

All our edges derive from 100 + year antique French glass silvered plates, lovingly scanned in TIF, then cleaned and processed in a secret way we have developed ourselves, to show only grunge, without the original image. These were produced to be as widely used as possible, both in their original format, or cut and pulled square.

This new bigger than ever, 40 plate pack is in mostly Portrait format, its colours are still soft and easy to use and we believe this bigger than ever set will compliment the earlier classic edges sets beautifully with its slightly larger shortest side of 5000px by 6000px. All plates are of 300 dpi for perfect printing and happily usable with your landscape formats when rotated.

All our textures can be used in any editing program that supports the use of layers, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp etc
These edges can be used in conjunction with our normal Flypapers or on their own. We’re really looking forward to framing our new look with you over the next few months!

Happy Edging! 🙂

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Fly Edges 3

40 Antique Edge Textures

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Label and Frame Brushes Launch


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Welcome to our very first Flypaper Brush pack launch!

Both Jill and I are into bottling our excess garden produce in a big way, so this little label and frame pack comes in very useful for us too !

Most of the brush images are from antique Victorian woodblocks and are well worn with use, we have a collection of several hundred and thought this first set would be just in time for preserving season in the northern hemisphere, they’ll also be perfect for the ever popular home-made Christmas goodies.

We also have pristine lined labels which were inspired by classic antique French museum show cards.
Additionally we designed a group of classical French checked inspired labels, these would look great in modern pastel colours!

We’ve ended up with a whopping 52 brushes of varying sizes, mostly 2000px.

We include fine lined brushes for framing photographs and Art and quite a few decorative labels which could be used by scrapbookers and graphic designers for t-shirts and general printed cards etc.

While its best if you know how to use brushes before purchasing, they’re very simple to use, simply select a brush, and “stamp” on a document, then it’s just a matter of printing on your desired paper, cutting out and then sticking on your jars etc, you don’t even need sticky labels, even a glue stick will do!

Scroll down for some examples of the labels in use.

Important Note: These brushes were created in Photoshop CC and apparently aren’t compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop, we are figuring out a workaround to this at the moment.

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Flypaper Label and Frame Brushes

52 Photoshop Brushes

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Sorry it’s been such a long time since our last post! We’ve both been busy with more important things like holidays:-) I have spent a lovely 10 days on the tiny Pacific Island of Niue, it’s such a relaxing and laid back kind of place and I’d love to return some day. I took lots of photos but most didn’t do the place justice and most aren’t really suitable for textures so you may not see them here, but if you picture coconut palms,  very clear water, rock pools to snorkel or swim in  and whales that you can see from the shore you’ll get an idea of what Niue is like.

On to the photo, this photo of cosmos flowers was processed before my holiday and uses one of the new Tempest painterly textures. The processing is very simple too but really transforms the photo.

Chaac @ Hard Light 100% I changed the green of this texture to pinkish colour by using a hue/saturation adjustment with the settings: Colorise -Hue 283, Saturation 11, Lightness +23
Copy of background @ Screen 44%
Copy of background @ Screen 100%
Finally I stamped visible by pressing Ctrl +Alt -Shift+E(on a PC) and tweaked the tone slightly using Nik, though you could just use a levels or curves adjustment.

Chaac is from the Tempest Painterly Pack

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Tempest Painterly Launch

tempest mosaic big
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Nurtured through an el Nino’s stormy season, the wettest spring or autumn, depending on your hemisphere, in over 100 years and having a swirly, misty, almost tonal feel, we quickly fell upon the Tempest name for this set. So bring on the tempestuous Tempest Painterly Set with evermore brushstrokes, canvases and lovely tonal grunge textures to enhance your workflow.

Designed to be as easy to use as ever, this huge pack of 50 landscape formatted painterly set brings yet another new glistening, silvery look to the Flypaper family portfolio.
Names from Shakespeare’s final master-work ‘The Tempest’ also add to this pack’s theme, other names of weather gods from around the world add further titles to finish, rounding off, what we hope will be another winning texture classic!

The Tempest Painterly Pack contains 50 rectangular shaped textures which are in landscape format @ 6000 by 4000 pixels and are at industry printing standard 300ppi.

As the name suggests this packs textures have a misty swirly painterly effect and should work well with today’s more tonal type grunge look in your workflow

All our textures can be used in any editing programme that supports the use of layers, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp etc You can also use our textures on your iPad, Android and smart phones if you have the Photoshop Touch app installed. You can only use them in Lightroom if you use an add-on that allows Lightroom to use layers such as Perfect Layers.
To download, click on the add to cart button, a download link will be sent to you upon payment.

Tempest Painterly

50 Painterly Textures


Please note it’s a large file, so depending on your connection may take a while to download, so why not grab a coffee while you’re waiting.

Vintage Boots

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Something a bit different from me this time! You see,  every few weeks a group I am a member of over on Flickr runs a fun photo challenge where you’re given three elements and have to create a new photo, it’s in the Utata group for anyone interested and the challenge is called Iron Photographer, the elements are often very random but it’s great fun…I’m an Iron Photographer addict 🙂  This time around the elements were feet and a digging tool with antique processing. I thought to my myself, our Flypaper Tintypes will be perfect for the antique element, et voila!

To start with I converted the photo to black and white, I used Nik Silver efex to do this, but you could use  Photoshop black and white adjustments.
Tintype 5 @ Normal 100%
Then a copy of the black and white layer which I made smaller using the adjustment handles so it would fit inside the tintype edge, I softened the edges slightly using a layer mask to brush away some of the photo layer.
Tintype 5 @ colour dodge 29%
Then another black and white conversion to get your desired tone etc.

Tintype 5 is from the Tintype Edges Pack.

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Late Roses

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These are almost the last roses of the season and what a wonderful summer and autumn it’s been here too with sunny days, mild temperatures and not as much rain as usual. Winter has arrived today though as has the rain! Roll on spring!

This has very simple processing and the texture totally transformed the shot, I also gave it quite a savage crop to begin with and just to show the advantage of a good crop, here’s what it looked like prior.


Anyway, the processing and I used a texture from the ever popular Spring Painterly Pack.
Gelato Ice @ Soft Light 100%
Gelato Ice @ Soft Light 38% masked softly from the focus flowers.
And that was it!

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Sometimes whilst searching for textures I’ll also fall upon a shot I can use and what a great day that is! Here we were in a village in a very deep gorge that’s known for its champagne type sparkling wine.

Being in a deep gorge on a cloudy winter’s day it was quite murky, and so a flashgun would have been handy, but it would also have killed this simple image. And who walks around with a flash diffuser anyhow?

Processing was fairly simple, I created a new preset which we’ll share later called ‘Dungeon’, wasn’t from a dungeon, I just thought the finished image suggested one!

After the colour tweak in Nik color 4 I opened the shot up on photoshop’s newish Tilt Shift filter and created the blurring effect to get rid of the stone texture before adding our own flypaper Ethereal painterly textures.

The blurred Tilt Shift area creates a fine canvas for texturing and after playing around with Russell Brown’s wonderful Flypaper Panel, hit upon three textures as listed below.

Hydra – Soft Light @ 100%

Oberon – Soft Light @ 100%

Nix – Soft Light @ 100%

We never did get to taste any of the gorge villages sparkling wine as it was all shut-up for winter, but will return next summer. Finally, we’ve been informed that Topaz has an amazing 40% off sale, you can go for your ‘tasting’ HERE! 🙂

All three textures are from our last popular Ethereal Painterly pack

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Garden Barrow

mouse-over for before view.

Another from our French farmhouse garden, thought I’d try out my old lensbaby Optic 80 lens for a change. The rusty old wheelbarrow was left by the previous old lady owner. In the background are felled tree branches I’ve been trimming from all the old overgrown trees. The wheelbarrow helps ground the image and gives the eye something to focus on, all the better for being slightly retro.

Processing was fairly simple, I chose the lightest image, as I find I get very dark shadows with lensbabies and so have to carefully bracket the shots,
Firstly after knocking back the highlights in Camera Raw, I opened in Nik colour pro 4 and chose one of our old presets from Fly Nik 2 Pack – Bone Counters, this was nice but a little too cold so I applied the very yellow texture I used in my last blog image: Deimos from our very popular last
Ethereal Painterly pack et voila, a dreamy garden image!

Deimos – Soft Light @ 100%.

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