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Another photo of one of my favourite photographic subjects, I never get sick of the climbing hydrangea! The photo was taken with my wonderful new Pentax 50-135 f2.8 lens, it produces some lovely bokeh. I textured this on the laptop while I was at our country hut this past weekend  and since our hut isn’t connected to the electricity grid, it was done by the light of a gas lantern with me hoping the laptop battery wouldn’t run out before I got it finished. It was a quick one to process though, I think I used the first textures I tried which were….

Ovid Banished @ Soft Light 100%
Giverny @ Overlay 100 % (this was responsible for much of the green tone)
The  focus flower was using a curves layer masked from the rest of the image.

See it a little larger on Flickr

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Powder Blue Hydrangea

I am enjoying playing with the new Spring Flypapers, although we trialled them extensively prior to release it’s always fun coming up with new combinations and finding out what works with a certain style of photo.  Over in our Flypaper flickr group there’s a thread where you can tell us which your favourites are from the new pack so far,  we’d love to hear from you.

In this first fairly simple recipe I used 3 Spring Textures
Peacock @Soft Light 100% masked from the jug
Paysage Linge @ hard light 43%
Apple Moss @Overlay 75 % toned blue using a hue saturation adjustment and gently  masked off jug and flowers.

See it on Flickr

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The Art Critic

Another image taken during the recent spring high tides.
The model is standing on the shoreline with a sand pool in front.
These strange wigwam structures are built from driftwood, we have no idea who makes them or for what purpose, however any structures add photographic opportunities, and we’re all for that!

The image shown is unfinished, after deciding the shoreline was too hard, I later re- processed to soften and add some a surreal style, by pulling up the waterline and pulling down the top half as is shown on Flickr.

Opal – Hue @ 36%
Giverny – Soft Light @ 60%
Sisley – Soft Light @ 43%
Naissant Border – Overlay 59%
Moth Wing – Soft Light @ 100%
Base Image duplicated – Multiply @ 30%

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À la recherche du temps perdu

Welcome to the first Flypaper Spring texture recipe! We’re really pleased to be able to use the freshly named textures, as before naming we used various numbers and joked that they only really come to life once they are named!
During the extraordinary high spring tides a few weeks back, I tried out my new Lensbaby Compositor in the sea mist. Normally our beaches are dry so I always try to take advantage of the reflections from sand pools whenever there are high seas.
Processing was fairly straightforward, I wanted the paler Spring Textures to add lightness and heighten the ethereal quality of this cloud covered image.

Opal – Overlay @ 100%
Mystic Hues – Overlay @ 100%
Apple Moss – Soft Light @ 50%

Later I double processed the image to beef up and define the the overall look.

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The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted

This publication has just been released so we’re delighted to share!
This book cover Designed by Natalie Winter and has to be our favorite production so far! Lavishly produced with folding flaps, embossed type fonts with lavender textures and of course, our dear old flypapers !
Complimentary copy very kindly sent from Allen & Unwin; A famous Australian book publisher, who were a pleasure to work with.

Every good love story has another love hiding within it.
Brokenhearted, still mourning the loss of her husband, Heidi travels with Abbott, her troubled eight-year-old son, and Charlotte, her intolerably jaded sixteen-year-old niece, to spend the summer repairing their family home in a small village in the south of France.
The rundown stone house in Provence has been in the family for generations and is the center of a lovely myth. The family tells and retells stories of the magical properties entwined around the old stones – in many different ways, this house has healed broken hearts and made miracles happen.
There, thousands of miles from home, Charlotte makes a shocking confession, and Heidi learns the truth about her mother’s ‘lost summer’ — a time Heidi and her sister had learned not to ask about many years ago.
As three generations collide with one another, with the neighbor next door, who seems to know all their family secrets, and with an enigmatic Frenchman, they’ll journey through love, loss, and healing amid the lavender fields, warm winds, and the delicious pistou soup of Provence.

This is one of those lucky shots that came about from shooting a blood red poppy field. Its just the horizon, with the foregrounds over-bright poppy field removed. That cloud is as it was, where it was, and I just left it hanging pensively in the corner!
From Summer Painterly;
Verdigris Overlay @ 44%
Copy of base image, desaturated with more contrast.
Iridescent Brush desaturated, Soft Light @ 100%
Matmos Lake – flipped vertically, desaturated and blurred, Soft Light @ 100%
Labyrinth-desaturated, from flypaper set 2, Overlay @ 100%

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Roses transformed

This is a photo that’s been sitting in my archives for ages, I didn’t like the dark wood I had shot against so it had been rejected. This afternoon I had a bit of time to play and managed, quite easily too,  to disguise the darkness. It’s inspired me, so hope it might inspire you too!
So here’s how I did it…

Oxford Parchment @ Hard Light 75%
Peach blush @ Screen 100% Masked as desired from the focus areas
Aquarius @ Hard light 52% masked as above
Brushed Rose @ overlay 8% this just added a little warmth
Curves and levels adjustments to tweak tone
And voila! An image transformed!
See it a little larger on Flickr

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First of all I thought  I’d tell you about the Photoshop texture blending scripts created by our friends over at Digital Outback Photo,  they’re pretty easy to use and great for the photographer in a hurry!

I do have a blueberry bush in my garden but this year for some reason they didn’t crop very well,  so I bought these ones for photographic purposes and had to hide them in the fridge so I actually had some left to photograph.

This image went through various incarnations before I came to the finished image you see here, it was the addition of the Basalt texture (from the tex box 2) that made all the difference.
So the processing…
Fly Edge 16 @ Screen 20 % to brighten masked from the focal points of the image.
Ming @ soft light 100% this added much of the bluish tone masked as above.
Basalt @ Subtract 67%(new blending mode in CS5, if you have an earlier version of photoshop you’ll have to experiment) The brightness of this texture was brightened using a levels adjustment.
Curves layer to tweak tone.

See it a little larger on Flickr

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A few days ago I took delivery of a Lensbaby composer lens, it’s something I have had my eyes on for ages but spurred on by Paul’s photos taken using his, I decided to take the plunge. I’ve loved it so far and it’s hardly been off the camera though I’m still coming to grips with finding the sweet spot if the lens is in anything other than centred.
Most of the shots I’ve taken so far have been landscapes so yesterday I decided to see if I could take some closer ones. The focusing distance is about 12 inches and although you can get a lensbaby macro filter for closer work, I don’t have one of those, I do however, have a set of 52 mm close-up filters which screw onto the front of an ordinary lens, so I thought I’d  see how they’d work. Since I lack an adapter to attach the filter on the front of the “baby”, I just held it in place in front of the lens and moved the camera in and out till I achieved focus and voila, this here is the result! The processing was relatively simple….

Fly Edges 3@ Soft light 100% removed from the flower using a radial graduated fill
Curves layer to add  a little contrast
Dawn Grunge@ Hard light 83% removed from the flower and  lighter parts of the image
Brushed rose @ Soft Light 100%

See it a little larger on Flickr

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Cone Flower

These cone flowers or echinacea are such beautiful photographic subjects with their bold spiky centres and pretty colours. This is a white form that grows at  my local Botanic Garden. I do have a plant of my own which I notice is just coming into flower for the first time, it’s been slightly overshadowed by some taller growing plants next to it so I think I’ll have to move it if I want it to thrive.

I could have easily left this one without textures but I wanted to show a slightly different processing using a Fly Edge.

Brushed Rose @ Soft light 100% Toned slightly orange using a hue saturation adjustment
Fly Edge 16 @ Subtract 59% This layer was inverted. Subtract is one of the new blending modes in CS5, if you don’t have it and want the same effect you will  have to experiment, using colour burn without the inverting seems to give a similar effect.

See it slightly larger on Flickr

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my own private little vineyard

Sunday morning was misty with freezing fog.
Thus not to miss a perfect texturing opportunity, I drove out of town to get some bleak countryside pics. This cute little scene was glimpsed from the car, and so I did a fast ‘u’ turn to get back to it!
The other pictures had the Cabana or Mazet with the vines leading up to it, this was the wild card, as is often the case, spotted as I left the scene. The recipe is correct, I always save the layers in their own job files. Thus I could, if I wished, just open up an old picture, and just click and drag the old textures across onto new pictures, it can save loads of time! Both Jill and I sometimes do this! 🙂
Finishing touches were cloning out litter on the left and softening the top of the tree before adding the final Mulberry Silk texture, this pulled it all together. Some colour softening was also done with the colour sliders, to warm the tones.
I wonder if anyone else see’s the similar cracked face in this image as seen in – ‘My Own Private Idaho’ Movie?:-)

Leadenhall – Linear Burn @ 20% – over sky only, rest brushed away. Flipped vertically and skirt pulled above image and cropped off.
– Soft Light @ 100% slightly desaturated.
Pompiii Stucco – Soft Light @ 100%
Apple Blush – Soft Light @ 67%
Leadenhall – Color Burn @ 20% over sky only, rest brushed away.Flipped vertically and skirt pulled above image and cropped off.
Antique Liaisons – Luminosity @ 11%, Flipped vertically.
Mulberry Silk – soft light @ 100%

See it bigger on Flickr

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