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Snow Seeds

Happy May Day!
For a slight backward step, as I produced this image several weeks ago, when still experimenting with the new Fly Edges.

It’s always a leap of faith when trying something you’ve never done before. I’d taken these last snows of the year pictures, and had a kind
of Lomo effect planned for them, but thought I’d just give them a try with the pre-launched edges first, and what an epiphany!

The new edges when used in a very hard way like this are ideal for classic, timeless minimal image enhancing.
However, its still early days and we hope to show many more such leaps of faith!
Though I say myself, I was quietly pleased with the outcome, as was Getty Images, who snapped it up!
Happy days:-)

Base image
Fly Edge #24 Hard Light @ 98%
Base image Soft Light @ 100%
Base image Soft Light @ 100%
Fly Edge #24 Multiply @ 97% texture removed from middle of seed heads – to lighten

Flatten image or merge all.
Slight brightening in curves to finish.
Please note;
This fly Edge texture #24 was first flipped before using in this image.

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These very small and very scruffy apples came from a roadside tree, I’d picked them hoping they’d be sour as I had intended making a savoury chilli jelly,  I discovered however that  they’re sweet with very tough skins….definitely not for eating but they made good jelly.
I liked how they looked in front of my newly purchased bowl -you’ll be seeing more of that in the future:-)

Because of the simple subject matter I wanted to give this  a clean look so I processed fairly simply
Apple Blush @ overlay 42%
Apple Blush @ Soft light 48 %
Peach Blush @ Multiply 66 % this was just to give the apples a little more depth so I removed much of the texture from the background.
And finally to add a little softness …..
Fly Edge 8 @ soft light 25 %
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Canal avenue

Having started this image months ago I abandoned it.
Jill reminded me of it and so I reluctantly had another go!

I used the original textured image and simply added more.
It created this picture up on Fickr.
Unfortunately the quality was too small as a ‘keeper’
being only 72 dpi, so I started again.

The original photographs were taken on Capestang’s temporary winter dam in the middle of the canal, a kind of island made of the mud from the winter closure and clean-up of the canals basin.
This picture is made up of 3 joined up pictures. The water, horizon and sky, a kind of Landscape layer cake, then merged with Autopanopro.
It was then cleaned up with the old painterly effect and this recipe.
My idea was to get an old french impressionistic painting effect on old linen. You can see the Necropolis/linen texture in the waters shadows, this was achieved by the use of the Pin Light filter.
I hope to continue with more of this effect in future posts!

Cyprus Haze Overlay @ 100%
Necropolis Hue @ 34%
Necropolis Luminosity @ 100%
Base image Soft Light @ 27%
Base image Hard Light @ 100%
Base image Pin Light @ 100%
Antique Liaisons Soft Light @ 27%
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A little late lunch

Hanmer springs is a lovely alpine village famed for its beautiful natural hot springs, it also has some great tracks to walk and cycle. I spotted this guy -a mule if I’m not mistaken, when we were out for a walk. He wasn’t going to stop eating for anything, or come any closer.

Almost forgot! We’ve just started a Flypaper Texture group on Facebook, you’re welcome to join us there!

Many Flypapers were used in the processing of this one
Raw Linen @  Overlay 72% blurred
Pompeii Stucco @ Multiply 69% desaturated a little
Lost Void @ Soft light 50%
Rainbow trout @ Overlay 60% with some of the texture removed from the bottom portion of the image.
Peach blush @ soft light 64%
And I could have stopped at that but I decided to add a bit of grunge in the form of a new Fly edge.
Fly edge # 8 @ hard light 23% This layer was inverted and desaturated -a trick that works well.
Finally I added a levels adjustment to brighten just the mule and then a curves adjustment to tweak tone and contrast.

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Jamie Heiden interview

Introducing Jamie Heiden a favorite illustrative texturiser!
“Jamie lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband and two children.
They have two horses, two goats, two dogs, three cats,
ten chickens and a corresponding amount of chores to be done”.
To coincide with her fabulous new book, we thought we’d do a short interview!

In last night's dream...

You use flypaper textures expertly (we notice:-), can you share any tips for their use with our readers?

Out of my texture collection, the Flypaper Textures are the most refined so there are occasions where I simply layer one on top of an image, adjust the mode and that’s it. The new ‘edges’ pack offers another dimension to the whole collection and combines really well with the first two packs. So, many of my images end up having more than one texture applied. But I also do a lot of playing with opacity, hue and saturation too, making subtle changes until I achieve the desired result. Often times when I am just about to scrap an image and start over, in one final effort I try a more drastic adjustment and it turns out to be exactly what was needed. So, don’t be afraid to play around and experiment.

the laughing cow...
What kind of Camera set-up do you use?

I shoot most often in natural light, preferring diffused and cloudy days of course. I’m a loyal Nikon user…my first camera being a Nikon FG but right now I mainly use my D300 with a wide angle lens. Although I do love my 50 mm too.

What inspires you?

Simplicity. That’s the best way I know how to answer that.

Which post processing program/s do you use?

I’ve just upgraded to Photoshop CS3 from basic CS. My darkroom is filled with cobwebs now because I can do everything and more here on my computer.

Your new softcover book Horizon Lines “pictures that have words on the horizon”
Can you offer a short intro?

This book is a small soft cover collection of 23 of my “horizon line” images. I wrapped them together with a little piece of a story asking the question, “Who am I?”

A Book of Photograp…
By Jamie Heiden
“Can you offer our readers any venues where they can see your photographic prints for sale?”
Upcoming shows etc? Links etc?

If you’re ever in Wisconsin and would like to check out some of my images in person, please visit my website for specifics….there you can find some great coffee shops, art fairs and even a gallery show coming in 2011! Any questions about purchasing prints can be answered there too.

Thank you Jamie! 🙂
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Last week, armed with a piece of black card, I took the dog a walk to our local Park of the poets to photograph iceland poppies, thankfully as the wind was low I managed several acceptable shots. See it on Flickr .

Later, at the duck pond I took a few experimental shots,
I couldn’t see a thing in the bright afternoon sun and so tend to guess, this Iris is one such lucky shot! That’s green pond water in the background.
This selected image worked because the background was blurred or out of focus.
I spent ages on this recipe, but decided, finally, the colour was just too bright, so after flattening,
I desaturated around 50%.
The secret to getting a good effect here is the careful, neat brushing, removing the Fly Edges No.3, the second texture used, from the flower.

Fly Edges No.3 – Soft Light @ 100%
Fly Edges No.3 – Normal @ 81% (texture brushed from flower)
Fly Edges No. 10 – Hard Light @57%
Lime Plaster – Hard Light 100% (texture brushed from flower)
Lost Void – Overlay @ 19%
Lost Void – Soft Light @100% (flipped)
Copy of Base image – Soft Light @ 100%

Merge all together, save
De-saturate around 50% Save
Here I decided the whole thing was too soft, so…
Double up base image, to the top image, do this:
Filter – Sharpen-Unsharp Mask
Filter – Artistic-Pallet knife 10%
Filter- Artistic- Poster Edges10%
Brush this top layers background away from flower leaving flower sharpened only.
Merge, two layers, save.
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I’m really enjoying the versatility of our new Fly Edge textures. I’ve used them as straight texture without the edges but here I decided that the grungy look would enhance this image.

To start with, I roughly cloned some colour into the upper pale section of the photo
The processing was really simple. I used the same texture 3 times.
Fly Edge #21 @ Overlay 65%
Fly Edge #21 @ Hard light 51%
Fly Edge #21 @ multiply 56% (this was to darken the top of the image so I used a graduated mask to remove a little of the texture from the already dark lower section of the photo)
After a final curves adjustment to tweak the tone, it was done.
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Almost every time I go to the beach I come home with a pocket full of small shells and stones and suchlike. Most of these ones came from a beach near the entrance to our harbour where there are lots of these tiny treasures underfoot.
I processed these with textures from our new Fly Edges pack. I only used two of the edges here, but could have used a different combo and got quite a different look. I am enjoying the effect the new textures give and their versatility, they make great textures as well as edges given the right photo.
The recipe is as follows, I used both edges with their edges showing.

Fly edge 2 @ Screen 52%
Fly edge 21 @ soft light 100% (I inverted this layer but it probably wasn’t necessary)
Hue Saturation layer to make things soft and lighter
Copy of background @ Soft Light 64%
Fly edge 21@ Overlay 100% with a little texture removed from the centre
A curves layer to tweak the tone and contrast..

Power Line

Another one of my “out the car window”  shots where I’ve had to do a little “cleaning” of the pesky fence posts that appeared in the raw image  -what would we do without photoshop 🙂 This was taken in the early evening light on our way home from visiting family in Central Otago over Easter. I liked the way the textures have added depth and given it a painted feel.
See it on Flickr

Processed as follows using textures from both packs.
Necropolis @ overlay 75%  with a slight tweak of tone with a hue saturation layer
Peach Blush @ Mulitply 65%
Algae @ Overlay 100 % with the texture removed from the lower section ( I used this and the following layer to give the sky its greenish tinge)
Algae@ Overlay 16%
Levels layer to tweak tone
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Good Friday shirt

I’d like to show how I did this surreal effect a little later,
as I have a few more ideas to realize and don’t want to spoil
the magic just yet.

However, with the addition of just one Flypaper texture and a little
color desaturation, the image was pulled together, enhancing the otherworldly, surreal ‘atmosphere’.
As its a portrait format image, I just pulled our square format texture down the image. I didn’t brush off any texture from the shirt as I wanted the image softened slightly.
(for a bigger view look at my Redbubble site, link to the right)

Happy Easter! 🙂

Flypaper Lime Plaster – Soft Light @ 100%
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