Flypaper Textures


the sea bobber!

As requested, we now start to tackle live subjects!
This image is from a shoot with a charming Danish Family.
Its hard to believe that just a month ago we were still sea bathing!

I don’t recommend standing in the sea with an expensive camera, but if that’s what it takes to get a natural shot, who am I to argue?

Okay, to bring your ‘family photos’ up a level,
try this blend of Flypaper textures.
Just three were used with these levels;

Apple Blush with Soft light @ 100%
Orient express with Soft light @ 39%
Pompeii Stucco With Overlay @ 39%

To keep the skin nice and smooth (flattering) I simply painted over each texture covering just the boy with the blur tool.
This keeps the same rich colour values as the surround but stops the skin from looking ‘dirty’.
I’m sure his mom will approve of that! 🙂

La tour romane

This 10th century Franco Roman tower is just outside the medieval village of Puissalicon.
Its just a short 10 min drive north from my coastally situated Beziers.
known as a veritable masterpiece of Romanesque art in Languedoc.
Its 4.3m wide and stands at 26m.
It was built as a bell tower for the church of Saint Etienne de Peazan priory.
These buildings are now lost in the mists of time, probably during the wars of religion. All that remains is a fragment of an arch top, left on display at the base of the tower. This tour is one of the most precious monuments of the region of Beziers.

I was very lucky to find this tour bathed in a biblical light, seeing this site much as the original 10th century Gallo-Romano people saw it.

Shot with a polarizor, using just 3 simple flypaper textures.
For the PP I upped the colour/brightness values and then used these textures:

Apple Blush with Soft light opacity @ 100%
Caramel Soft with Soft light opacity @ 100%
Orient Express with Overlay opacity @ 43%, Fill @ 72%

When I don’t add the‘Fill level’, Its left at 100%.
If you have no Fill, you can just ignore this slider setting.

To see the full landscape version, please go to my Paul Grand flickr site!

Flying Lessons (or Gull ballet)

Another from a visit to the beach the other day!
Quite a bit of work went into this one to get the “look” I wanted.
First I duplicated the background and blurred it using a lens blur, and using a layer mask removed some of the blur from the central portion of the photo.
The textures I used were Grande Tour Soft light 33%
Nora Batty Soft light 44%
Shagreen Bone..Screen 19% with a mask added to remove some of the texture effect from the gulls.
Apple Blush Soft light 50%
and finally Grosgrain Overlay 55%
A curves layer was added to tweak the colours.

Remember that these recipes are just a guide, you’d get a totally different result with a different photo so “play”, it’s what I do 🙂


This is in the south of France in my local languedoc area.
There were many old windmills, but these are fast disappearing.
This one overlooks my old village as seen from a farmers side road.
I’d never seen it before the other evening!

For this bucolic sunset scene I used three flypaper textures,
two of them doubled.
Bruised Saffron Soft light Opacity @ 71% Fill 62%
Bruised Saffron Soft light Opacity @ 23% Fill 45%
Necropolis Soft light Opacity @100% Fill 79%
Apple Blush Overlay @ 71%
Apple Blush Soft light Opacity @ 100% Fill 83%
To finish I adjusted the Hue/Saturation colour,
which can be found at the top.
I didn’t do much, I just helped the sky colour become slightly greener.

Once again you’ll see I cloned out an object in the bottom left-hand corner!:-)
And if you’d like to see the full size landscape image,
please look at my ‘Paul Grand’ on flickr!

The castle…

This was taken after a lovely walk on my favourite beach. These two little girls were busily building a sandcastle when a wave came and washed away most of their hard work as often happens. Although this looks warm it was quite chilly but being kids they were obviously too caught up in what they were doing to notice. Their father was just a little further up the beach, well wrapped in a jacket!

I processed this using a layer of Grande Tour at Overlay 71%
Followed by a layer of Dangerous Liaisons at Colour burn 26%, this gave the photo the turquoise colour and as the crease in the texture didn’t add anything to the photo I used the patch tool to remove it.

over a hill

During the golden hour, I came across a vineyard bordering a pine woods, and had to stop for a quick shoot.
Its a simple two texture combo, Caramel Soft (full blur) with the soft light setting @ opacity 92%.
Necropolis again with soft light @ 100% opacity and fill @ 79%.
A slight vignette was also used to give more depth to the edges.


Another rediscovered shot taken in my basement studio, an accumulation of beach treasures.
Since the original was fairly dark but had good lighting I decided on a fairly “light” approach when processing and just added texture to give the photo a little more depth.
I used Caramel soft which had it’s colour adjusted with a hue saturation layer to get a more neutral colour at Soft light 100% and a layer of Grosgrain multiply 72% this made the overall photo darker so I added a layer mask and removed some of the texture from the central portion.

nights backcloth

Whilst driving home from Carcassonne one blustery day last January,
I came across this tree nursery, growing on the banks of a flooding river near our famous Olive Oil factory, the CoopĂ©rative OlĂ©icole L’Oulibo, Bize-Minervois

The setting sun lit up these trees like a stage-set!
If you look closely you’ll see I’ve removed the tips of an olive tree in the bottom left hand corner.
Moments after I took these pictures using a polarizer, storm clouds brought the whole scene back into winter..

Firstly, I just used one texture twice.
Dangerous Liaisons @ Linear light, opacity 58%,fill 45%
Dangerous Liaisons again, but this time with full Gaussian Blur,@ 32% opacity, fill 45%
After several colour tweaks and differing adjusted layers I finished with a smooth Grosgrain @ 30% opacity and 20% fill.


These trees are a feature of the coast in the beautiful Catlins area in the south of New Zealand. The wind comes off the sea and sculpts the trees to these wonderfully surreal shapes.
I processed this fairly lightly with Soft Caramel soft light 67% , Bruised Saffron multiply 17%and a touch of Raw Linen overlay 14%.

Harvest Tractor

One for the guys?
Found in the corner of a field, this retro tractor seemed abandoned but probably wasn’t. I was struck by its white hand painted bonnet.
If you look closer at the ‘before’ image, you’ll see I’ve removed a white twig from the bottom right, as it was catching my eye too much…

For this rich harvest look, I used;
Dangerous Liaisons with Multiply @ opacity 71%, fill – 48%
Caramel soft with overlay @ opacity 62%, fill – 54
Elysium with soft light @ opacity – 17%