Flypaper Textures


nights backcloth

Whilst driving home from Carcassonne one blustery day last January,
I came across this tree nursery, growing on the banks of a flooding river near our famous Olive Oil factory, the Coopérative Oléicole L’Oulibo, Bize-Minervois

The setting sun lit up these trees like a stage-set!
If you look closely you’ll see I’ve removed the tips of an olive tree in the bottom left hand corner.
Moments after I took these pictures using a polarizer, storm clouds brought the whole scene back into winter..

Firstly, I just used one texture twice.
Dangerous Liaisons @ Linear light, opacity 58%,fill 45%
Dangerous Liaisons again, but this time with full Gaussian Blur,@ 32% opacity, fill 45%
After several colour tweaks and differing adjusted layers I finished with a smooth Grosgrain @ 30% opacity and 20% fill.


These trees are a feature of the coast in the beautiful Catlins area in the south of New Zealand. The wind comes off the sea and sculpts the trees to these wonderfully surreal shapes.
I processed this fairly lightly with Soft Caramel soft light 67% , Bruised Saffron multiply 17%and a touch of Raw Linen overlay 14%.

Harvest Tractor

One for the guys?
Found in the corner of a field, this retro tractor seemed abandoned but probably wasn’t. I was struck by its white hand painted bonnet.
If you look closer at the ‘before’ image, you’ll see I’ve removed a white twig from the bottom right, as it was catching my eye too much…

For this rich harvest look, I used;
Dangerous Liaisons with Multiply @ opacity 71%, fill – 48%
Caramel soft with overlay @ opacity 62%, fill – 54
Elysium with soft light @ opacity – 17%

Baby Blues

Another photo shoot with the forget-me-nots, flowers are so much easier to photograph than people 🙂
This was taken with my macro lens and cropped square.
I processed it using Tarte Tatin at overlay 22 % and Pompeii Stucco at Screen 40% I used a layer mask to remove some of the texture from the focus flower on the screen layer.
Then I used two adjustment layers to tweak the tone and contrast, a curves and a selective colour one.

Last snow

For this misty winter farm-track scene I used;
Apple blush @ Vivid light – Opacity 37% Fill 34%
Grosgrain @ Hard Light – Opacity 27%, Fill 28%
Caramel soft @ Opacity 86%, Fill 100%

Patong beach in Phuket

To spice up this Thai beach landscape I used just one Flypaper texture,
Apple Crumble @ Full Blur filter mode and Overlay @ 82%.

This resort was badly damaged by the tsunami several years ago.
Many locals and visitors lost their lives.
Patong in Phuket, pictured above was also the location for the opening scenes from’The Beach’ movie. Leonardo DiCaprio booked into a hotel in the middle distance, where he meets ‘Daffy’.

Stormy Sea

Anyone who follows my photos will know I love walking on the beach and we’re so lucky here to have so many readily accessible beaches nearby. This was taken on a stormy day back in May when there was a dramatic big surf and stormy sky. The original photo included the top of a small bank where I stood as I was taking the photo, so I cropped that out and then to get the proportions right had to replace the sky with one from another photo taken the same day.

I added a layer of Grosgrain at Overlay 100%, which had it’s colour made slightly less green by using a hue saturation layer.
Then I added a layer of Shagreen bone, at Multiply 85%
The colour was tweaked with a curves layer, then finally there was a levels adjustment to tweak the tone.
Here’s the final layers palette -sorry I always forget to name my layers as I should 🙂

Rosa Antiquus (with recipe)

I rediscovered this one when I was hunting for something to process earlier, my archives are full of things I’ve forgotten about -mainly because I have such a hard time finding anything!
Anyway…after much playing with different texture combinations and then tying to get the tone “just right” this is what I came up with.
Necropolis -Overlay 46%
Bruised Saffron Soft light 29%
Raw Linen Soft light 43% (with a layer mask added and the texture removed a bit from the rose)
The texturing done, I added a curves layer to tweak the contrast and colour a little, and then I used a Black and White adjustment layer at Luminosity blending mode, which gave a subtle lift to the colour.


The bluebells in my garden are in full bloom at the moment, they may not live up to my dream of an English bluebell wood but they’re lovely anyway.

These were processed relatively quickly ( I say quickly because sometimes my processing can take hours and this one took minutes)…with a layer of Shagreen Bone at Overlay 69% and a layer of my favourite Apple Blush Soft Light 52%

l’ennui du dimanche

I spotted this wonderfully lit building whilst coming out of a Beziers art gallery one Sunday afternoon, the weather was a little washed out and everything looked bleached gray except this eighteenth century building painted a cool shade of ocher.
Naturally, when I uploaded it was washed out too..:-/
So out came the rich flypaper textures to inject that lost light and atmosphere!
This time I used some of the textures doubled up.

I used Pompeii stucco @ soft light opacity 46%
Necropolis @ overlay opacity 34%
Necropolis again @ fill opacity 61%
Elysium (twice) @ multiply opacity 37%, – fill @ 40%
Raw Linen (twice) @ soft light opacity 87%
Caramel soft @ soft light – fill 61%

The green shutter colour is a traditional Provincial moss green, however in this area the shutters are normally a pale pastel gray/blue,
this is used to help keep the flies away!