Flypaper Textures


Softly softly….

I took this yesterday when we visited our hut in the country to the south of Dunedin, everything was wonderfully spring-like with the soft greens of the willows, daffodils amongst the grass, little lambs over the fence and the flowering cherry in full glorious bloom.
To show that our textures can be used subtly to brighten and soften, I processed this relatively lightly using our Uranium Paper and a touch of Pompeii Stucco.

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The Letter

Here I used our ‘Necropolis’ texture very lightly.
By simply running your mouse over the image you’ll see before and after the textures were applied!

Golden Gingko

Gingko leaves in an old bottle with an added touch of our wonderful “Tarte Tatin” texture to give depth and a painterly look.


Nora Batty (inspired by the BBC’s ‘Last of the summers wine’) was used here to illustrate Logistics or Summers End, when our local beach shack cafe was removed 🙁


This photo was taken on the way to Central Otago here in NZ on a freezing winters day. As you can see from the original (mouseover to see) it was an almost monochrome landscape. I used our Tarte Tatin and Antique Liaisons textures to add depth and then toned blue to reflect the cold feel.

The Big Eat

Again, I think its a simple use of our ‘Nora Batty’ texture overlay.

Painting the sky

A simple daisy against the sky is enhanced using our Apple Blush texture -it was so quick and easy to do!

Beach Builders

This texture is a favorite, I’ve only used it once here,
but we’re planning on bringing more out asap!
It was named ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ as it brings to mind a crumpled letter.

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This golden scene features a texture that will be in an upcoming pack, so feel free to check back. We were walking on a beach on an overcast evening when suddenly the sun burst through a hole in the clouds!

White Barn

Our ‘Leaky Garret’ texture was used here.
If you look closely, you’ll see the graffiti I removed from the barn!

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