Flypaper Textures


White Barn

Our ‘Leaky Garret’ texture was used here.
If you look closely, you’ll see the graffiti I removed from the barn!

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Used my old favourite Necropolis in this one! This is the seedhead of the weed Plantain, a common plant in pastures and lawns but in my eyes at least very photogenic.

Drama in the Sky

Local clouds often stream down from the distant black mountains,
sometimes they can form into violent thunderstorms,
but mostly die back by the end of the day.

The texture was ‘Necropolis’ but used with a very weak setting.

Dog Day Afternoon

A golden dog on a golden beach, enhanced by our wonderful “Nora Batty” texture 🙂

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Thai Umbrella

A simple clean use of our ‘Elysium’ texture.
Also a slight Watercolour Photoshop filter..