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Fire Truck


Without further ado, welcome to our first blog tutorial using the new Fly Nik Anolog Presets! But before I go on, we’d just like to remind you guys that this Analog Preset Pack is for the Nik Analog Pro Plug-in and not for the usual Color Efex Pro. You can download it free from Nik as its all part of your original subscription.

Whilst cross country skiing this spring in the Jura mountains we came across this old abandoned French Fire Engine, later we came back driving in various light conditions but found the sunlight far too bright to get nice shots with the highly contrasting snows, so I tried this with my trusty Lens Baby optic 80 in slightly overcast light and decided this was the keeper of the bunch.

For processing I opened in Nik Analog and created this simple preset that’s included in the Fly Nik Analog preset pack, so if you’d like to play with the before and after image to see if you get the same effect, you can, we’ve recently heard people like to play to see if they can create the same image from the recipe and we think its ok as long as you remember that most of our images are strictly copy-written with photo agents, but for private home practice its fine:-)

Firstly, I used the new Fire Truck 2 Analog preset, then set about further enhancing with Flypapers, I just used the new Paper Painterly textures at very subtle settings as shown below. A final colour enhancement at the end helped boost the tones.

Analog Preset – Fire Truck 2 @ 100%
Cracked Coral – Color @ 12%
Silk Velvet – Soft Light @ 62%
Tasman – Overlay @ 14%
Caspian – Soft Light @ 100%

Analog Preset Fire Truck is from the Analog Presets Pack, Cracked Coral, Silk Velvet, Tasman, and Caspian are from the Paper Painterly Pack.

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Flypaper Nik Analog Preset Launch

fly 3 bright colours

Important Note: This pack of  Presets are for the Nik Analog Pro not for  Nik Color Efex. The Nik plugin for Photoshop  is now available from DXO

Adding to our best selling first two preset Color Efex packs we now proudly launch our much requested Analog Preset pack!
We’ve been quietly making and using these for several months and so it’s been frustrating not being able to share many of our recipes where we’ve used them until we finally launched this pack!

So now you’ll see how we achieved those dreamy, blurry edges on images like Skull through a Lamp, rich film grain on ‘Tin Rose’ and antique analog grunge on ‘Light House’ plus many other subtle tonal efex which we sometimes combine with the first two preset packs and then finish with our popular classic Flypaper Textures!

This third preset pack is for use with both the original Nik Analog Pro and the brand new updated Nik Analog Pro 2 plugin; so don’t worry about conflicts as we’ve had time to trial this pack in both original and updated Nik Analog versions.(Please see note below)

Our new Analog set is perfect for creating moody, cool modern and retro images, processing portraits, landscapes and still life set-ups, working well for both book covers and fine art photography. They can be used to beef-up weak, washed out images too, helping to draw the eye into the image with a selection blurred and darkened edges.
We’ve found that the analog antique lens combo effects are a marriage made in heaven when used with our classic Flypaper Glass Edges and Tin Edges Textures thus rounding off our processing suite beautifully for less than 10 USD!

Downloads of this very small file are fast and they just need to be unzipped, normally by double right mouse clicking. To install, open a picture in your Nik Analog Efex Pro and from the left hand column select Imported from the menu, click on the + symbol at the top of the menu, navigate to your unzipped preset file, open and simply select all the presets inside the folder and import. Your collection of new presets will then be found in its own recipe list. Each Preset begins with the handy preface: fly, so you’ll always know this set from others.

Important Note! On rare occasions  Mac users won’t be able to install any presets at all into Analog Pro 2 and an invalid file type message will be generated. Nik has provided a fix for this problem. Please go to our Analog FAQ page for more information.  To check if you are going to have a problem, down load our test file and see if it will install into Analog Pro 2.

A tutorial on installing the presets (including screenshots) can be found HERE If you are having trouble installing the presets or have any other questions regarding them, please take a look at our Analog FAQ page.

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Flypaper Nik Analog Presets

44 Nik Analog Presets

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When I’m feeling a little uninspired photography-wise I tend to turn to subjects I love, if not flowers then books and I can never have enough books. These old beauties were taken with the macro lens, another of my favourite things! I love the different view of the world you get when you shoot macro, all those small details you miss at first glance.

Anyway onto the processing.
Jurassic Amber @ Soft Light 100%
Scriptorium @ Soft Light 30%
At this case it looked fine but to give it a tiny more drama I turned to Nik
Flypaper Nik Preset 1 Apple adjusted to taste and @ 71%

Jurassic Amber and Scriptorium are from the Paper Painterly Pack and Fly Preset Apple is from the Preset 1 Pack.
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These little jewels of fruit are growing on a small bush in my garden at the moment. They’re Chilean Guava (Myrtus Ugni),  marketed  here in New Zealand as New Zealand Cranberry. They’re delicious little berries tasting like a mix of strawberry, pineapple and apple, so a real fruit salad flavour. They grow well here in southern New Zealand, not minding the cold, the wet or the dry. I’ve not used them for anything more than a snack but this year I’m going to try cooking with them… muffins, crumble, sauce, pie …mmmm!!

Now the processing
Da Vinci Sketchbook @ Soft light 69% masked softly from the focus fruit
Catacomb Frieze @ Overlay 100% desaturated as I just wanted the texture not the colour
Fly Nik Preset 2 Bone Counters adjusted to taste.
I should add here that it was the preset that made the photo really sing:-)

Da Vinci Sketchbook is from the Paper Painterly Pack, Catacomb Frieze is from the Spring Painterly Pack and the Bone counter preset is from Fly Nik Preset 2 Pack
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Over the Easter weekend we drove up into our nearby southern Aveyron mountains to visit Auberge owning friends on the edge of a historic Knights Templars village, Commanderie de Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon a place I’d never been to or heard of before but ideally situated for A75 route national motorists, just a few kilometers south of Millau’s world record breaking tallest viaduct.

It was also nice to discover it’s the place where these low growing, rare and protected Cardabelle Thistles grow abundantly in the wild on the valley top. I’d previously seen one before, nailed to nearby mountain villagers front door but had no idea as to why they did this?
It just so happened that the Auberge we were staying at is called; La Cardabelle  and the friendly English speaking owners, Nathalie and Gabriel were more than happy to fill us in during the course of several delicious meals!

It appears the name of the thistle comes from its ancient peasants use in Carding Sheep wool, ie, beautiful carder!
They’re nailed to doors and beams of villages house frontages to keep evil spirits at bay and also are said to predict rain, in much the same way as pine cones do by closing. However, of late the French government has banned this practice, not that the locals take any notice, as the little village houses have many of these attractively displayed Cardabelles!

The shot was taken in watery sunlight, no flash, just on automatic looking straight down. I processed firstly in Nik color Pro then opened it up in Photoshop and used Flypaper textures to help give that night-time atmospheric pop, to help illustrate this plants rare mythical importance. Btw, notice how I cloned out some messy foliage, just the eye catching bits?

The blue tone is from Nik Color pro Skull and Candle @ 100%
From our Fly II presets with its blur reduced .

Colosseum Sienna – Multiply @ 100% middle gently brushed away.
Aegean – Overlay @ 14%
Samov – Overlay @ 26% Middle gently brushed away
Caspian – Overlay @ 27%
Bottom 2/3rds gently brushed away

I then merged all the layers and duplicated, with the upper copy I went to PS Image – Adjustments – Levels, I pulled the outer sliders in slightly, to brighten the image and then gently brushed away the top layer grassy parts to leave the brightened Cardebelle to glow or pop!

Colosseum Sienna is from Tex Box 2. Aegean, Samov and Caspian are from the Paper Painterly Pack. Please visit our Pack page or Combo Pack page to buy Flypaper Texture

Hydrangea blue


Our apologies for the lack of posts here recently, we’ve both been on holiday but normal services have resumed so with luck you should see a bit more activity here on the blog.
I’m still processing the photos I took while on lovely whistle-stop visit to New Zealand’s North Island and haven’t textured any as yet, so in the meantime it’s back to flowers (my easy option!) These are new blooms from a blue hydrangea I purchased in our spring; all my hydrangeas tend to turn pink so I’ve been treating this one with Aluminium Chloride which is supposed to keep them blue, it seems to be working as this bloom  hasn’t  turned pink …yet!

Now the processing only one texture this time.
Andaman @ Overlay 100% masked softly from the flower and bowl
Andaman @ Multiply 30% masked as above (this layer was toned blueish and desaturated slightly using a hue saturation adjustment)
Flypaper Nik Preset Fly2 Card and Deed adjusted to taste and at 45% opacity.

Andaman is from the Paper Painterly Pack, Fly2 Card and Deed is from the Preset 2 Pack
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Snow Trees


Welcome to the first Paper Painterly Textures Blog Post! Im currently delighted to be staying in the French Jura again, near the Swiss border as a returning guest of my art college friend I recently re-discovered living right here in France;  Amanda!
This image was from my last trip up here, but as ive just arrived we’ve not been back up to the snow line above the town yet so it may or may not be still like this when we plan to take another cross country ski trip over the weekend.  As you can see from the original image, it was purposely exposed quite dark to get a nice full range of tones around the watery sun, if id exposed it correctly it’d be very blown out. Thankfully the just released new Flypaper Paper Painterly set sorted this out beautifully!

After trying many textures, one after the other, from the full set loaded into Russell Brown’s automated Paper Panel plug-in in my Photoshop CC, I thought the final addition of the new Vellum texture added a final abstract touch that helped pull this simple composition together. I also gave the pine trees a final slight ‘pop’ by softly brushing away the vellum texture from them.

The original base image was lightly processed with a new Nik Preset which simply beefed up the contrast, this will be released within the next upcoming Preset pack, called simply; Snow Trees. Hopefully with this recent cold-snap in the northern hemisphere you’ll also have a last chance to grab some snow images to try with this new Paper Painterly set!

Snow Trees Fly Nik Preset Hard Light @ 30% – unreleased.

Baltic – Soft Light @ 100%

Andaman – Overlay @ 76%

Vellum – Soft Light @ 73% – softly brushed from Pine trees only.

Baltic, Andaman and Vellum are all from the Paper Painterly Pack
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Paper Painterly Launch

mosiac for paper painterly

Welcome to the launch of our first Textures pack in almost 10 months!
This time the theme is Paper with Painterly; brush strokes that we thought looked like seascapes thus the names of oceans from around the globe were used to describe them. Our Painterly textures continue to be some of our best sellers, so dear Flypaper supporter, these are just to please you!

The Paper derived textures half to this set have also been given sympathetic sounding names, such as; Papier Mache, Fly Spotted and classic Vellum etc. Our Papers aren’t minimal either, they have full-on grunge, whether all over or mostly framing the edges, we feel that this type of texture will fill a much needed hole in our collection, with their muted yet easy to use colours.

Most papers were gleaned in France or England, many were 200 years or more old. Some are from an original beautifully foxed Regency scrap book purchased in London at an early morning street flea market, others are documents from before the French revolution! A few have faint text derived from 200 year old French text books, extensively personalised and annotated by scholars, all these layers of historic grunge are brought together to form the core feel of this texture set!

We also added a few retro wallpaper overlay backgrounds to spice up our paper theme, which we’re sure will be useful for backgrounds in various types of shoots such as backgrounds for classic and retro indoor portraits. The Blue Rose texture element is borrowed from an early 1930’s French wallpaper, though modernised and simplified for Flypaper’s cleaner look. The classic Harlequin pattern we created from scratch and is used to great effect in the packs label and the Napoleon Wall detail was gleaned from a 100 year old historic New Zealand colonial wallpaper.

This time 42 textures grace this pack, the minimum size pro is 5000 x 4000 mostly landscape formatted with 3 Wallpaper overlays in portrait form
To download, click on the add to cart button, a download link will be sent to you upon payment.

Paper Painterly Photographic Textures

42 Painterly Grunge Textures

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This is a large file, so depending on your connection may take a while to download, so why not grab a coffee while you’re waiting.

Please note, that sometimes Photoshop will open these textures in ACR (Camera Raw) instead of in PS itself, the simple fix for this is in Photoshop, go to Edit>Preferences>File Handling> Click on Camera Raw Preferences and in the Jpeg and Tiff handling box choose disable Jpeg support.

White Roses


Sorry it’s been so long since our last post here on the blog, we’ve been busy in the background working on a lovely  new texture pack,  you’ll be pleased to know it’s almost done so if you want to be the first to find out about it  please sign up for our mailing list.
So back to the photo, another rose! I’m not sure Paul agrees but I’m of the opinion that you can never have too many flower photos and since it’s grey and damp here in southern New Zealand thanks to the effects of ex-tropical cyclone Lusi, a light and bright rose seemed the perfect thing to post.

The processing once again is fairly simple…no time for long involved recipes at the moment!
Bellini @ Soft light 100% masked from the focus flowers
Fly Apple Nik preset tweaked to suit
Orange Blossom @ multiply 100% masked as necessary from the flowers.
Orange Blossm @ Soft light 55% Masked as above.

Bellini is from the August Painterly pack, Orange Blossom is from the Spring Painterly pack and the Fly Apple preset is from our first preset Pack.

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Pink roses


These Clair Matin roses are looking particularly beautiful in the garden at the moment in their second flush of flowers for the season so I couldn’t resist picking a few for some photos and also to bring some of their colour and fragrance indoors.
I kept the processing fairly light this time to allow the roses to be the star of the photo, it’s sometimes a bit of a juggling act deciding how to process a photo with textures but in this case the decision was fairly easy as the light tone, background  and composition doesn’t really lend itself to heavy texturing anyway.

So onto the processing
Weta @ Soft Light 100% brushed lightly from the flowers.
Fly II Preset Allium adjusted to suit, for this photo I turned on the glamour glow to add a little softness.

Weta is from the Autumn Painterly Pack, Fly Preset II Allium is from the Flypaper 2 Preset Pack

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