Flypaper Textures

Flypaper Iris

Sometimes when you’re texturing it’s a toss up between the subtle approach or a heavy treatment. With this iris I spent what seemed like hours trying to get the balance right, it looked nice subtle but in my eyes anyway, looks better with the texture more pronounced.

I processed it using a mix of Textures,
3 textures taken from pack Two and 1 texture from Pack One.
First I duplicated the flower layer and used it with Soft Light @ 24%
this darkened it slightly.
Algae @ Soft Light 63%
Rainbow Trout @ Soft Light 39%
Tarte Tatin @ Soft light 38%
Chlorophyll @ Hardlight 95% desaturated a bit to tone down the green

A layer mask was added to each texture layer and some of the texture was removed from the flower.
I finished with a Levels adjustment to tweak the contrast.

2 Responses to “Flypaper Iris”

  1. paulgrand says:

    That texturing really brings this amazing flower into focus!:-)

  2. Kelly says:

    I am so excited to come home from holiday to find you are offering a Christmas special!! I now have BOTH boxes as my Christmas present! Thank you!!

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