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You can definitely feel winter is on its way  here in southern New Zealand. On the day that this photo was taken the wind was decidedly brisk to say the least. As we walked down the beach  I for one  wished I’d brought a jacket.  When we were almost back to the car  I spotted these to children playing in the sea, they were the only people swimming, I should add here that our sea temperatures are never warm even in midsummer;  as I passed their mother who was watching them I said to her  “they’re brave” and she, wearing jacket and hat agreed!

Although the original was nice I decided to give this the classic Flypaper Texture  painterly look. Both textures used are from the Autumn Painterly set.

Orris @ Overlay 100%

Versailles @Overlay 100% with the colour tweaked a little with a hue saturation adjustment.

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4 Responses to “Play”

  1. PaulGrand says:

    Lovely indian summer imagery! 🙂

  2. Mark W says:

    Hey Jill and Paul,

    I thank you for the introduction to textures etc and I am a happy customer. Have also posted on flickr group.

    Please take this comment in a positive way about the above image, the textures seem “heavy” a bit. The original has a light, open feel to it…texture can enhance it…would love to see if it looks better with the textures reduced a bit…again meant to be positive comment…thanks


    • JillFerry says:

      Hi Mark, it’s okay, I know what you mean. I gave it a heavier treatment to try and make the people less recognisable and if I did it again I’d use a lighter touch. Initially it wasn’t going to have textures at all.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. PaulGrand says:

    Thanks Mark, Jill is away for the weekend, but I’m sure she’ll reply on her return! 🙂

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