Flypaper Textures

snow hedge

Another grungy snow scene from the plateau at the top of our local southern French mountains.
Shot towards the sun in raw mode with the polarizer lens.

Lost Void – Opacity – Overlay @ 100%
Lost Void (flipped vertically) – Opacity – Overlay@ 100%
Colosseum Sienna – Opacity – Soft Light @ 100%
Lime plaster – Opacity – Multiply @ 17%
Muscatel – Opacity – Soft Light @ 91%
Base image (copy) – Opacity – Multiply @ 14%

Finally, I flattened and tweaked with the color sliders to bring out the cool tones.
To do this I make a copy of the finished image and change the copy like this:
Go to the top header in Photoshop – Image – Adjustments – Hue/Saturation,
3 sliders will show.
Move the top slider until you like the colours. Press OK.
I then merge the two copies with as much or as little change as I feel is right.
Merge or Flatten and save.
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