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Canal avenue

Having started this image months ago I abandoned it. Jill reminded me of it and so I reluctantly had another go! I used the original textured image and simply added more. It created this picture up on Fickr. Unfortunately the quality was too small as a ‘keeper’ being only 72 dpi, so I started again. […]

Dream Beach

This is a view towards the wonderful white limestone cliffs at the end  of  Napenape beach near Cheviot in Canterbury. When we were there it was all but deserted, apart from a woman surf-casting and a small cluster of caravans used by fishermen there wasn’t a soul in site.   The beach is made up of […]

hare tricks

With Easter on its way, hopping through all this thawing snow, I thought I’d try something a little experimental as well as seasonal with our textures. I was after an antique surreal scene, perhaps in the style of the old master Alfred Stieglitz ‘Camera Work’. I used an old wine crate from my cellar, (with […]