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Water Meadows

Its a given isn’t it, that if you take a trip without your camera, you’ll see something so superbly photogenic that you’ll bite yourself! Thus for me, (who’s sick of biting himself!) I’ll now do no laborious airport run without my camera. And here’s an image to prove my maxim right, as I noticed this […]

The Black Mill

How do you make a famous much photographed landmark look fresh? Simple – take a back shot! This huge black Beacon Mill in Rottingdean overlooks the English Channel, when it was built back in 1802, it defiantly faced France, the great Napoleonic foe! Here these black sentinels are still facing the wind some 200 years […]

winter wheat treescape

Another AutopanoPro merge of two portrait formatted landscapes. I’ve left the base showing where I had a missing bit to clone in. Shot as the sun was setting behind riverbank trees. The first copies of the shot were treated to give a Painterly effect.. Then treated with the following textures: Apple Blush ~ opacity ~ […]