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to the sea


Firstly we’d like to say a big thank you to Ben Willmore for helping publicise our Flypaper textures on his very informative live podcast last Monday and Tuesday! I’ve managed to watch around half of the many hours so far, and I have to say after downloading the HD copy and watching it when I choose rather than see the realtime transmitted version, its much clearer and easier to see his Photoshop tutorials and well worth the 75 USD download price for the full two days crash creative course, so that you can stop it and replay as much as you like, I also understand a full PDF script will be available soon, so you can then crib from the notes.

I’ve so far particularly enjoyed his stylizing/painterly tutorials and Ive picked up a great new way of finessing the painterly effect without getting those nasty affects when you use the normal Photoshop paint filters. The above image was made with the CS paint filter and has some ugly pixelated effects under her arms and around the dress pattern, so I re-watched his tutorial just now and reprocessed using his very own ‘Defused Glow’ technique and I have to say it worked a treat!

Other tutorials include getting to grips with smart filters and masking, showing the pro way to mask textures and our Flypaper Textures with and without the Adobe Paper Panel Flypaper Textures. He also shows how to use the new CS oil paint filters with masking and I’m delighted to say its the clearest way Ive ever seen them demonstrated. The full 2 day course will be repeated on the 1st August or just buy it now!

My featured photograph was taken this week, the lady just caught my eye, I liked her pose as she stood at the sea’s edge and I whipped out my camera which just happened to have a Lensbaby Optic 80 attached and was lucky enough to have her mostly in focus. I think she was looking down at her cute little dachshund/sausage dog that came and sat right in the middle of my beach towel, much to her embarrassment and my delight! The Lensbaby was angled down, you can tell this by the dark top edge of the before mouse-over image, this I quickly cloned out, its easy when you intend to texture as you don’t need to be perfect, though mine was good this time. I easily cloned out the bathers and sea bobbers and boats as they added nothing.

The green/yellow glowing colour was achieved in Nik color efex pro, and I saved the recipe to share.
I finally finished with 2 flypaper textures, which helped add interest and a painterly quality to the negative space.

Nik Color Processing
Cross processing filter 4 @ 47%
Graduated filter 3 opacity @ 26% top only
Reflector Efex Gold @ 27% light intensity

Flypaper Textures Used
Moleskin @Soft Light 100%
Brushed Rose @ Soft Light 100%

Moleskin and Brushed Rose are from the Summer Painterly Pack.

Please visit our Pack page or Combo Pack page to buy Flypaper Textures.

6 Responses to “to the sea”

  1. Nic Skerten says:

    Hi Paul – have just started using your textures and wanted to say how impressed I am with them. Your blog posts have certainly helped me getting the feel of combining textures. Great to see that you have joined Trevillion Images as well. Best regards Nic

    • PaulGrand says:

      Hi Nic,
      Great to have feedback, thanks, especially when its so positive!
      Glad you like our posts, makes it all worthwhile when we’re told it helps! 🙂

      • Nic Skerten says:

        You’re welcome – I’ve followed Jill’s and your blog posts for a while and was blown away by the images you were creating. I had a series of images in mind that I wanted to do for Trevillion that needed something similar in terms of atmosphere and feel and that convinced me to go ahead and buy some of your texture sets. Luckily Trevillion have taken 14 of my first efforts using your Flypaper textures – so many thanks again. Best regards Nic

        • PaulGrand says:

          Hi Nik, thats great, they took 22 of mine, another in the wings!
          Trev want images with what they describe as being; “atmospheric and narrative” .
          I find texturing images are an ideal way in helping to achieve this, I’d also recommend Lensbaby shot images for that soft dreamy look, and then texture those!
          Good luck with the future submissions, they are really fussy though! 🙂


          • Nic Skerten says:

            Hi Paul – yes, Michael is very selective about the images he takes. I’ve been with them for about 6 years but have only just started resubmitting after a break of about 3 years while I set up my wedding photograph business. In fact, Michael used to be even more picky! It took me 3 years to get 140 images with them, this year I’ve had 60 accepted in the last 2 months! I had a conversation with him a few years ago when he was thinking about relaxing his criteria a bit. He also widened the range of contributing photographers quite a bit with some really good East European and US ones. Anyway – really like the ones you’ve got on there so far. Good luck for future subs. Nic

  2. PaulGrand says:

    Wow, 15 pages, very impressive!
    Loved the Stonehenge and moon, well done with those! 🙂


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