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Tower Bridge

During a recent summer stay in London, I visited some old friends who have moved to the now very fashionable South Bank of the Thames. As it was my first trip to this area I was amazed to see such regeneration and life in this ancient, and once shabby area! We did a several mile loop of both sides of the Thames with the black pug – you can see him in the first image, edited out with a clone tool as he looked, well, too blobby!
Also edited out was the company name on the left-hand building. I almost removed the lady in red but thought she added a bit of interest, and anyhow, it would have taken me ages to match up those floor tiles!

This is a modern day London Canyon view of the old Tower Bridge, recently shown in all its close-up glory in the recent sherlock holmes
movie. Unfortunately it was a very gloomy and overcast day, thus my pictures were a tad on the dark side. However, by running the image through Nik – HDR I was able to bring out the colours.

For a final tweak I used just one Flypaper texture, mostly over the over-bright sky area and also to rebalance the picture.

Orange Blossom – Multiply @ 50% over bright sky areas only.

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3 Responses to “Tower Bridge”

  1. Lou Belcher says:

    Wonderful treatment of the photo. Love it.


  2. paulgrand says:

    Very kind!:-)

  3. Borealnz (Jill) says:

    Totally transformed with the textures Paul, well done! I feel another book cover coming on 🙂

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