trees through the mist

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As its abnormally freezing cold outside, here in the French Mediterranean, I thought I’d go through the old pictures that never reached the blog, mostly this happens because the tutorial is either too complicated, lost layers or was produced with pre-released textures. We then forget about them and they tend to get passed over..

Taken last winter, in the early morning mist, the first image has already been treated with Nik Bi Color Filters, number 1, the first yellow brown on top of the list, opacity @ 50%. Before this, and now I’m guessing, I believe it was put through something like brilliance/warmth, also in the Nik Color Filters. I also believe its had lighten/darken center applied. Special care should be taken in not allowing the whole thing to become too muddy, and because of this I brightened the horizon line through the trees. The final effect has a French impressionistic painterly feel!
Textures were quite simple after the basic colour correction. Just two were used, firstly the famous Orange Blossom, from our Spring Painterly set, and then apple Blush from the classic grunge texture Box 1.
Orange Blossom – Normal @ 73%

Apple Blush – Soft Light @ 68%

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