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Regina Driscoll writes
I am the happy owner of a number of your texture packs as well as earlier presets. I just purchased the Analog Efex presets and have been trying them out on some photos. I am staggered at the beautiful effects I can easily achieve. Thank you for your wonderful, creative tools, as well as the helpful tutorials on their use.

Betty Wiley writes:
First of all, I must tell you that I use your texture set(s) probably more than any others that I have in my rather extensive texture collection. I have used them for a number of years now and I’m always excited when I see a new texture collection offered by Flypaper. Tony Sweet and John Barclay, who are both friends, turned me onto them a number of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Marta writes
I honestly feel the need l to say THANK YOU for my latest successes ( see covers) to you both Paul and Jill for your awesome textures and most of all for your generosity and pure friendship .
My last book covers are also yours.

Angelina Vick writes:
Working in mixed media, I was looking for backgrounds to create different textures and atmospheres, FlyPaper Textures was exactly what I needed.
Now I regularly use them in my work, I really enjoy the versatility of what can be done with them in layers. You can see how I used them in my work
at www.angelinavick.com My favorite so far is Spring Painterly.

Bill Tongue writes:
I purchased your complete set a few days ago and have been going crazy reworking some of my old stuff. I’ve always “painted” my pics and made my own textures. Your offerings have changed my end product dramatically. A little Photoshop, a touch of NIK and three layers of Flypaper.

Laura James writes:
I started using your textures from looking at some of what Tony Sweet was creating. Loved them immediately and am hooked on using textures. Thought you might be interested in seeing some of the images I created. You can see my photos at  www.lightwriterimages.com Look under Laura’s gallery – new photos. Thanks for offering your textures for use, LOVE them.

Larry Gerbrandt writes:
I’m fairly new to the whole texture layer look but have fallen in love with the look and most of the credit goes to a combination of your textures, your tutorials and outstanding images. The Summer Painterly collection is like playing in a sandbox full of wonderful toys, with Brushed Rose at the top of the heap. Your tutorials have encouraged me to try blending modes other than Overlay and Soft Light, with delightful and surprising results. I shoot with a Nikon D3X and it produces huge files. Finding textures with enough resolution to blend with 25 megapixel images isn’t easy but your textures scale beautifully. Can’t wait for you next set.

Elise (mythlady) writes…
Hi Jill and Paul — I entered three photos in our local county fair, all of which featured Flypaper Textures. I won blue ribbons on all three,Antique RosesTwo Ships, and Cows, and then the cow picture went on to win Best in Section (visible manipulation) and Best in Show!! I was surprised and delighted, and of course, I owe it all to you.
Thanks for your great work! The textures are wonderful.

pink pegasus said..
Bought Tex box two and Fly edges today – it’s great to use them – thank you to your fine and very exclusive textures!

Tom Said..
As much as I enjoy the painterly/Pictorialist effects that I get with your textures, I’m still working on being more “subtle”. You managed to add a golden light,
but in a way that is far different from a “digital warming filter”. Looking forward to seeing the results of your further experimenting and trying it out myself.

Delany Dean, JD,PhD Said..
These texture images are just marvelous! I stumbled across them on Flickr, found this blog site, and was instantly delighted. I bought both sets. I have been using textures in my photography for about a year now. I have used some of the images that others have posted on Flickr, and later went on to develop a few pretty nice ones of my own, but I can see that my days of struggling with trying to create my own texture images are over! I will never come close to the quality of these. And I’d rather spend my time using these, anyhow. Thanks for developing these, and making them available!

Cass said…
I think I might just have died and gone to heaven. When I got your e-mail about the new textures I thought “yeah, they’ll look the same as the old ones” (yes, you can call me cynical) but I clicked anyway… just in case… just for a peek. And I fell in love straight away and had bought them within seconds. The sky ones are my favorite right now. They are stunning. But they are all beautiful. Can’t wait to have a play with them. In the meantime, I might just have to print them out as they are, frame them and put them on my wall 🙂

Bob said…
The thing I wanna’ talk about here is the Voyageur Map texture, a new texture from flypaper textures. This is my first try with one, but do they LOOK scrumptious!!! These are lighter in tone and texture, pastel-ish in color, more transparent – they just glow. They are big files too, 6 – 8 mb each – really wonderful to work with.

They ain’t replacements for the first series, but delightful supplements that offer us more creative and artistic options. With both texture packs, I think this brings the total to 50 – 60. And no “cheap dupes” either (what I call it when someone designs a nice texture and simply changes the color to make various ones).

Martine Roch said…
These textures are really good quality, very big size and a real pleasure to use in many ways. I’m sure I will enjoy using them more and more…
I can’t wait for your next set.

Julie Tardy said….
Bought one this morning, they are great !

SilviaON said….
thank you for the wonderful textures !!
good luck for the group 🙂

Telzey said….
I’m in love with Flypaper Textures! They’re generously sized for print work, easy on the eye, and simple to use.
I applied them to some of my “lost” images and the results were great. So I decided to see how they’d work with some of my finished images. All I can say is incredible. Wish I’d had them sooner.
Am I satisfied? Absolutely! Thank you Jill and Paul for making them available. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Anonymous said..
I love these textures. Bought them a few days ago and have been addicted ever since. When I’ve purchased texture packs like this before, there has always been a bunch I never use and a couple that I do. With this one I really like every single one of them. A+.

Bob Said..
Master Paul Grand; masterful artist, possessed of superb vision, sublime spirit, exquisite imagery, wrote a short tutorial on his texture work. It was an epiphany for me.
It was short, direct and to the point – with examples. All of these damn photo textbooks should be so succinct and direct. Thank you, Paul.
I used his lesson on my new image.
A most elegant, stylish treatment that worked wonderfully for me. I have now added another, subtle, layer technique to my texture work and style.
As Paul quickly showed, there is much one can do with “blending options, blending modes, % of use and % opacity, and color sliders” either as top layers or under layers.

Katieandcalli.com Said..
I’m betting that once you use one of their textures, you’ll want the whole set. They’re marvelous, subtle textures, so they blend. …And now I feel like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny. (“Oh, yeah. You blend.”) Point is, the texture isn’t what people will see when they look at your photographs. Textures are a delicate thing, in my opinion, and they don’t always enhance an image so much as distract, but anyway. Flypaper Textures are really nice textures!

missnoma Said..
Honesty (texture tutorial and recipe)“:
What a fabulous way to teach textures…Even a newbie like me should be able to follow and enjoy…Thank you so much…

Dave Said..
Just thought I’d drop you a line and mention that I’ve just bought your wonderful flypaper textures set. Thanks for doing this and I look forward to trying them out. They look wonderful and really useful.

sassl Said…
did someone say, you can never be too rich, have too many big dogs, or too many fab textures …
I’m pretty sure I heard that! 😀 I love these textures. Bought them a few days ago and have been addicted ever since. When I’ve purchased texture packs like this before, there has always been a bunch I never use and a couple that I do. With this one I really like every single one of them. A+.these are fantastic, i downloaded them way past a decent hour to go to bed so will give them a go tomorrow. you’ve both done fine work here, and definitely a next installment is in order.

anniedaisybaby Said…
I am also excited to try out my newly downloaded Flypaper textures. Your blog is fantastic! Love the before and after “rollover” – truly inspiring. I will be using these for a long time to come. Thanks for all the inspiration Paul and Jill. And thanks for contributing to my texture addiction, too. LOL Can’t wait to see the next set of textures.

Anonymous Said…
I appreciate you putting your “recipe” info online. Some people become secretive and snobby and don’t share their info. I appreciate your openness and willingness.

Oryctes (Dani) said…
I have silently followed this blog for a few weeks and from the tutorial I have seen a sample of what these wonderful textures are capable of, but I had to test it by myself.
I just downloaded the set and with the first quick tests the results are more than promising.
I’m sure I’ll be using the textures quite often.