Flypaper Textures


Still Life Photography

  Several months ago our old friend Kevin from Flickr asked us if we would contribute to his new Ebook‘s chapter on Textures, naturally we were delighted as Kevin is now coincided to be one of the worlds best photographic still life artists with his complex multi layered historic story telling! We supplied one textured […]

Autumn Texture Pack

Click Here for a bigger, landscape view Just in time for Christmas we launch our new Autumn Painterly Set, after several weeks of intensive shooting and creating, we now proudly unveil our selection box of treats! For our third painterly launch we seamlessly move into the Autumn season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Join us […]

Flypaper Textures as seen in Photoshop User Magazine!

This month’s September issue of Photoshop User we were both surprised and delighted to see our Flypaper textures recommended in a double page texture feature spread! Katrin Eismann, the famous Photoshop writer, told us that she really loved the Flypapers quality, just before flying off on a lecture tour of the US! Its a great […]

Flypapers on Getty!

click for a bigger view No before after or recipe today but something exciting. Flickr has just launched a “licence with Getty” button where prospective buyers can click through if there’s a photo they want to license. They also revamped the  Flickr/Getty launch page. One of the images they show is this one of mine, […]