Flypaper Textures


Winter Sunset

mouse-over for before view. Jill and I would like to wish all our readers a Happy New year! Here’s my first outing of 2019 just yesterday evening during a very dark and damp winter when the sun finally came out just in time for it to to set, so I rushed out to grab a […]

Travels with My Aunt – hat and passports

mouse-over for before view. Here’s a possible book cover set-up I shot several months ago, It’s theme being loosely based on Graham Greene’s famous; ‘Travels With My Aunt’ novel, but I didn’t like the final ‘before’ result as it just didn’t ‘mesh up’ so I filed it under ‘problem images’ and forgot about it until […]

Table Brushes

mouse-over for before view. Back to work after a long hot, dry summer in France, where i’ve been busily turning our 300 year old barn into an artist’s studio come photo studio. Along with concreting the earth floor I’m also fitting roof windows, the first is up and working and is partly lighting this simple […]

River Saone part two in portrait format

mouse-over for before view. Shot towards the end of the the same Saone river shoot blog we posted the other day, I thought I’d quickly follow it with this similar but also quite different image that was processed in a similar way. I used a poloriser filter on the camera to bring out the blue […]

Flooded River Saone

mouse-over for before view. Firstly, a big Happy New year to all our readers! Up here in eastern France we’ve had a very soggy winter, warmer than usual but also much wetter and because of all that rain we’ve not had much chance of getting fresh images, but on Sunday we had a rare golden […]

Garden Barrow

mouse-over for before view. Another from our French farmhouse garden, thought I’d try out my old lensbaby Optic 80 lens for a change. The rusty old wheelbarrow was left by the previous old lady owner. In the background are felled tree branches I’ve been trimming from all the old overgrown trees. The wheelbarrow helps ground […]


9 July: Welcome to our Midsummer Sale and the launch of a new pack of Nik Color Presets! See for details! 8 May: New Distressed Painterly pack is now launched! 13 April: We’re working on a new pack and it will be out soon, so keep an eye out for the mailer with the details! […]

Snow Trees

  Welcome to the first Paper Painterly Textures Blog Post! Im currently delighted to be staying in the French Jura again, near the Swiss border as a returning guest of my art college friend I recently re-discovered living right here in France;  Amanda! This image was from my last trip up here, but as ive […]

La Balance


  In France balance is everything, I live near two coastal volcano’s; looking eastward from our beach we can see Agde and ten miles further along the coast on a clear day we can see Sete, which is an island connected by a spit of land. Back in London we celebrated the 2000 millennium on […]



The roses in the garden are starting to look slightly bedraggled as they near the end of their season, it being autumn here in the southern hemisphere. The clocks went back this past weekend so I guess it won’t be long till we get a frost. I don’t mind autumn, the golden light at this […]

Mist trees

It’s always nice rediscovering forgotten photos on your hard drive, this one is from this past winter. It was taken early one morning as we were travelling to our winter hut. There had been a frost and the morning mist had just lifted. Scenes softened slightly by mist are like gold for textural artists! So […]

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas, I love them!  When I was coming home from a walk yesterday afternoon, I ran into a neighbour who was cutting back her sweet peas which grow on a  fence by the footpath and asked if I could have some seeds as hers are particularly nice ones and have looked wonderful for the […]

Albion on Sea

From Jill and I, ‘Paul’ hope you all had Happy Holidays! 🙂 As its now midwinter, I thought it might be nice to revisit the summer, last August on a balmy evening on England’s Eastborne beach at sunset. One good thing about post-processing is its always possible to go back and redo images with your […]

Sheep on the Hill

First of all, we’d like to thank you all for your support over the past year and to wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas. I’ve just finished wrapping the presents, the baking is done and it’s Christmas eve as I write this. I’m looking forward to a family BBQ followed by a relaxing holiday. […]

Roman bridge into mist

Welcome to the Autumn seasons textured images! Here’s another from my misty morning set, our local ancient Roman bridge into our little old Beziers! Of our several crossings Its my favorite bridge, its both narrow and winding and takes just one lane of light traffic. Its also historic as its the bridge that the medieval […]

Autumn Texture Pack

Click Here for a bigger, landscape view Just in time for Christmas we launch our new Autumn Painterly Set, after several weeks of intensive shooting and creating, we now proudly unveil our selection box of treats! For our third painterly launch we seamlessly move into the Autumn season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Join us […]

Voyage through canal mist

A big thanks to Ellen for her kind texture feature on dpreview and a warm welcome to their visiting fans! Once again its the time of year for my favorite misty, foggy mornings in the Mediterranean! As soon as I open my shutters and spy mist outside, I need to work fast, as the sun […]

Chasing the wind

Its always nice to wake up and find another one of your babies gracing a published book cover! Here’s today’s, an American thriller, heavily textured with our flypaper painterly textures. Its just a preview copy as its not yet out, so I expect their colours will hopefully not be as muddled as this one with […]

Looking North

Another photo of my favourite beach, taken on a warmer and sunnier day than the previous photo of it I posted here.  I was lucky that I managed to catch a passing gull when I snapped this. Onto the  processing… Beau Linge Paysage @ Soft Light 13% masked from the lower portion of the photo […]

The King and I

Over in Thailand they are now suffering badly from flooding, when we were there at this famous Unesco protected site we learned that this area of ruins was the original setting for Rogers and Hammerstein’s – The King and I musical! The blockbuster movie was about a widow who accepts a job as a live-in […]


Another small scented treasure that’s flowering in my garden at the moment. Lily-of-the-valley is one of my favourite flowers and I look forward to its season every year.  It’s amazing how such a small flower can give so much fragrance, a tiny sprig can fill a room with it’s scent. Now the processing, I didn’t […]

Pumpkin seat son!

Summers strong clear light is great but Textures and Autumn were made for each other! Less than 2 weeks ago we were bathing in the sea and basking in 90F here in the south of France, now the heaters are on low as there is a chilly north wind a-blowing. With it comes the Mediterraneans […]

Vase of Lisianthus

After a hectic summer working non-stop, I decided to treat myself by reinvesting my earnings in a Photographic lighting studio set-up. Its still very basic. (more about that next time) And as Canon 5D had no flash I had to buy one. At least i’m ready for those darker Autumnal months! I painted my top […]


It’s been a while since we updated the blog, we’ve both been busy with other things.  I’ve been trying to get my garden organised amongst other things, I spent some of today planting my vegetable garden, I’m looking forward to heirloom rainbow carrots this season along with golden globe beetroot and celeriac, providing they grow […]