9 July: Welcome to our Midsummer Sale and the launch of a new pack of Nik Color Presets! See for details! 8 May: New Distressed Painterly pack is now launched! 13 April: We’re working on a new pack and it will be out soon, so keep an eye out for the mailer with the details! 28 November: Welcome to our Black Friday Sale and new Preset Pack! 3 October: Celebrating our 5th Anniversary with a brand new updated Edges set! 9 August: Our new Pastel Painterly Pack has just launched! 17 July: New Pack of Luggage Label Overlays just launched and we’re having Midsummer SALE! See the Blog for details! 22 June: Just letting you know that the Adobe Texture Panel doesn’t work in CC 2014, hopefully there will be a fix soon, we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything. In the meantime it still works in CC. 26 May: Hope you’re all enjoying using the new presets, just remember they’re for Nik Analog not Color Efex. New recipes featuring these presets are coming very soon! 23 May: Our new pack of Nik Analog Presets has just launched! 22 March: New Pack out now! 16th March: A new texture pack isn’t too far away, so watch this space! 31st Jan: New Preset Pack out now! More details https://flypapertextures.com/flypaper-nik-presets-2-launch/ 12 Dec: Hope you’re all enjoying your Flypaper Presets! 2nd Dec: Our sale finishes Tuesday 3rd Dec so get in quickly! More details on the Blog 26 November: Black Friday week sale and Preset launch!! Head over to the Blog for more information! 3 September: A free Flypaper Nik preset with our latest blog post! 4 August: Hope you’re enjoying the new pack as much as we are! 25 July: We’re busy getting a wonderful new pack ready for release, it should be out in the next few days so if you haven’t already, join our mailing list so you can be the first to know! 3 April: Our new Tintype Edge Pack is out NOW! 25 March: Not long until our new pack launches, so make sure you join our mailing list so you can be first to know about it! 12 March: Site Update! At last we have have numbered pages on our Blog and also Tag cloud to help you find earlier posts. 24 February: Out now, Russell Brown’s new Adobe Pro-Texture-Panel with 2 sets of Flypaper textures included free! For more details go HERE! 15 February: Flypaper textures are now available on Adobe Exchange! 14 January: We’re busy working on a new texture pack so watch this space 🙂 8 December: Festive greetings! We now launch the final 2 packs for 2012! 9 November: IMPORTANT NOTICE -the dates in the mailer were wrong and the code is valid until November 22nd, sorry about the mix-up! 8 November: Two New Packs of Overlays Out now! More details on the Blog! Or on the pack Page. 25 October: A warm welcome to all the visitors from the Photoshop Roadmap website, you can browse our past texture recipes by using our site search to search for a pack name. And why not join us on Facebook or join our mailing list! 4 October: The new August pack has now been added to both the Complete Package and Painterly Combo Pack. 29 August: Hope you’re all enjoying the new August Painterly Pack Keep an eye on the Blog where we’ll be posting texture “recipes” using the new textures, and old ones too!. 23 August: New Pack Out Now! At long last we launch the long awaited August Painterly textures! Hope you’ll like them as much as we do! 18 August: Not long now till the new pack launches! Watch this space! 11 July 2012: We’re very busy here at Flypaper central and still working on a new pack. If you aren’t already a fan why not ” like us” on Facebook and get updates when we post. There’s a button at the bottom of this page. 11 May 2012:  Brand New Taster Pack just launched! Welcome to this weekends all new Taster Pack  launch, read all about it in the Blog 29 April 2012 Great news guys, our friend Russell Brown over at Adobe has now released the 3rd texture panel that now allows you to use any of your textures. Get it HERE. Also, fabulous news for Lightroom users, OnOne’s Perfect Layers which allows you to use textures in layers in Lightroom and is now free! 13 April 2012 A quick update to say we’re working on a brand new texture pack! All our previous customers will be informed by email when it’s ready. Why not join our mailing list  and be the first to get it? The updated Flypaper Texture panel from Russell Brown of Adobe is being trialled at present, it’s going to be great! 30 March 2012 We’re glad you’re enjoying the new texture panel, Russell Brown from Adobe tells us that he’s working on a way to get get other textures into the panel and hopefully an update will be announced soon. Don’t forget to check out our Blog where you’ll find all our previous texture recipes from the old Flypaper blog. 25 March 2012: Welcome to our brand new Website launch and the launch of our new, small, web sized taster pack! If you found us via our friend, Russell Brown over at Adobe, another big Welcome! Today’s Dino blog post utilizes  the new Taster pack recipe, click the blog feeder to see!  And don’t forget to mouse-over the image for our famous before/after effect! Click on the Texture pack page to find links to all our packs including our recent Autumn Painterly which contains 40 beautiful  mellow textures  ready to turn your photos into works of art!