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French Toys Overlays

NaturalBits Pro Sized Pack

For our final release of 2012 we have a large collection of vintage French Toys and Gifts png image files which amount to around 500. The subject gave us the idea to add a seasonal touch with 3 extra sheets of vintage greetings card headers to set you guys off straight away creating! Other uses include  embellishing photographs, art montages, decorating photo albums, scrap booking, a graphic design source, Christmas and New Years cards, gift parcel labels and wrapping paper and even fabric design! Think toy toile de jouy for kids bedrooms and not just for Christmas, for the whole year!

Take a look at this page of Google Images and become inspired!

The header image base was made with our classic grunge Flypaper Texture: Tex Box 2 – Colosseum Sienna and is not included with this set.
The black and white png toy images were easily changed to colour by: Layer Style – double click Colour Overlay – Click top red button twice – move colour picker icon to desired colour – Move opacity slider down to around 75% – OK – knock back final opacity to around 70% for the above look. We’ve found the best colours to use are of the more earthy tones, similar to the ones seen on the toile de jouy Google image page.

Naturalbits texture set

We’re also delighted to launch Bonny Pierce Lhotka professionally sized Naturalbits Texture Set!  After several enquiries from Bonny’s fans we managed to distract Bonny away from her very busy new book publishing schedule to provide us with the full sized and expanded texture set we have already been hosting for several months, these 30 professional textures are sized at 300 dpi and are 4000 x 3200, they’re intended for  all your fine art printing and web publishing needs.

The look you get from these new textures is a kind-of effect you would receive if you were processing your images through a Fine Art Print Studio, it will help to take your images up another level, adding depth and interest, they can be used in several ways, firstly as a base or background, an overlay or a traditional texture. We’ve seen some lovely examples of mock Victorian portraits, as the vignette effect in this pack is perfect for such work. These textures are crafted with several layers of differing materials, then cooked in chemical baths, the seemingly random effects this Alchemy produces gives a distressed, almost metallic plate effect, you would receive from a very costly fine art print process.  Both graphic designers and fine art photographers will be thrilled with this fresh new look! Take a look at Russell Browns images with Bonny’s textures and become really inspired!


More information can be found on the respective pack pages. To download, click on the add to cart button, a download link will be sent to you upon payment.

French Vintage Toys Overlays

31 Pages of Toys plus 3 Bonus Text Headers

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Natural Bits Textures

30 Grunge Textures and Edges

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