Natural Bits Textures

At long last we are proud to be able to release Bonny’s much awaited full size set of Naturalbits textures!
Russell Brown over at Adobe recently added the small size taster pack to his wonderful Photoshop Paper Panel and since then we have had several enquiries asking where was the full size pack? So wait no longer, today we release the professional pack!

Included are 30 full size pro textures @ 300dpi and 4000 x 3200 pixels wide, with all their unique and distinctive drama that only Bonny’s chemical ‘cooking technique’ could conjure up!
We’ve already shown several examples of their use on our blog, and we will be trying out new uses soon, typical examples include giving modern day digital portraits a kind of antique Daguerreotype look with their heavy oval frames, other uses impart a kind of metallic lithographic effect to landscapes and will delight steampunk graphic designers!
These metallic textures work well with Our Flypaper textures, and we hope you’ll try combinations of the two!

Bonny is currently busy finishing her new book and we will be sure to provide links as soon as it hits the market, until then we’ll continue to experiment with our own combinations!

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Natural Bits Textures

30 Grunge Textures and Edges

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