French Vintage Toys Overlays

This delightful new set of vintage toys and gifts png overlays was rushed out just in time for the Christmas holidays and so were able to include a few sheets of original French greetings card headers as a little extra suggested use of these cute little French images!
During processing we decided to leave the original French titles under the 500 or so images to add to their unique French flavour.
These images were gleaned from rare Parisien toy catalogues from the French Belle epoque era of around 1900, and so all images are at least one hundred years old and are thus in the public domain.
Suggested uses include decorating photo albums, scrap booking, graphic design source, Christmas and New Years cards, gift parcel labels and wrapping paper and even fabric design!

One way to remove individual images from the sheet for use in your projects is as follows:  First duplicate your  PNG overlay sheet so you aren’t working on the original; Layer>Duplicate Layer>Select “New” from the drop down document list.  You can now close the original file. Now roughly select the image on the page  using your preferred method,  I usually use the lasso tool >Right click and select “Layer via Copy”  and your selected image will appear on a new layer and then it’s simply a matter of dragging that layer into your document or photo.

The pack contains 31 pages of png images plus 3 pages of bonus greeting card headers.
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French Vintage Toys Overlays

31 Pages of Toys plus 3 Bonus Text Headers

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