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Here at flypaper central we love experimental imagery, so we were doubly pleased to meet up with Bonny Pierce Lhotka, the famous west coast Digital Alchemy book writer and experimental art printer innovator and inventor!

Bonny has many fabulous large plate textures she wanted to share, and as we already have this outlet, we thought we’d team up and present, via license, this first taster pack of Bonny’s Naturalbits range!

Backstage we’ve been trying these beefy new textures and found they compliment our Flypaper textures perfectly, our Edges and Bonny’s are an antique marriage made in heaven!

We’ll be showing examples of both our texture mixes over the next few months, and we hope you’ll all come along and dip your toes in the water too!
Here’s the first, its a redo. This original (mouse-over to view) Flypaper Spring painterly textured image, of a pier on the English south coast was ok, but a little too reverential, it wasn’t kicking, there was something overly moribund like a ship stuck in the doldrums! Unfortunately, I’ve now lost the files for this pre-recipe but at a guess I’d say it were simply Pantheon Stone and then tinted with Nik color efex pro 3.

I rediscovered this whilst looking for a suitable image to try out Bonny’s new taster textures, I guessed the type of image I needed would be a period, moody kind of shot, and this one jumped right out, shouting “make me over – please!!!
I loaded Bonny’s Naturalbits image taster set into Russell Brown’s Flypaper Texture Panel and flipped through a few textures, super fast and all automated, It’s become a huge timesaving habit for this old-school photoshopper!

As soon as I’d flipped this texture on, it became apparent that it had both enhanced added interest and pulled the image together. I could have left it just as it was, but decided the color and tone was still a bit too muted, so i duplicated the ‘boring’ base image and ran it through Nik colour effects pro until I came across the bleach bypass filter.
I used a semi transparent version over my base as described in the final recipe below.
Also, one final tweak was to brighten up the colour of Bonnys Fiberbits 12b texture as described:

Duplicate of Base image – Luminosity @ 33% (brushed away the dark area under the pier)

Ran the original finished duplicated image through Nik Color efex pro Bleach Bypass @
-84% Brightness
-54% Saturation Bypass
-78% Global Contrast
Local Contrast 50%

Naturalbits fiberbits 12b Texture – Soft Light @ 72% (Brushed away from Pier roof)

Change the colour in Photoshop Hue Saturation:
Top Hue slider 229
Saturation 17
Lightness 0
Colorize ticked.

Bonny’s Naturalbits texture taster is a trial web size set for her super pro-sized texture set, coming out soon!

NaturalBits Taster Pack

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