NaturalBits Taster Pack

Naturalbits taster

Here at flypaper central we love experimental imagery, so we were doubly pleased to meet up with Bonny Pierce Lhotka, the famous west coast Digital Alchemy book writer and experimental art printer innovator and inventor! Bonny has many fabulous large plate textures she wanted to share, and as we already have this outlet, we thought we’d team up and present, via license, this first taster pack of Bonny’s Naturalbits range! The full size high resolution pack of this wonderful textures will be coming soon.
Backstage we’ve been trying these beefy new textures and found they compliment our Flypaper textures perfectly, our Edges and Bonny’s are an antique marriage made in heaven!

We’ll be showing examples of both our texture mixes over the next few months, and we hope you’ll all come along and dip your toes in the water too! 🙂

What’s the Look?

The look you get from these new textures is a kind-of effect you would receive if you were processing your images through a Fine Art Print Studio, it will help to take your images up another level, adding depth and interest, they can be used in several ways, firstly as a base or background, an overlay or a traditional texture. We’ve seen some lovely examples of mock Victorian portraits, as the vignette effect in this pack is perfect for such work. These textures are crafted with several layers of differing materials, then cooked in chemical baths, the seemingly random effects this Alchemy produces gives a distressed, almost metallic plate effect, you would receive from a very costly fine art print process.

Both graphic designers and fine art photographers will be thrilled with this fresh new look!

The textures are web sized at 72 dpi and are  1750 by 1400, they’re intended for use in web publishing. They’re perfect for adding to the Russell Brown’s Flypaper Texture panel too!

NaturalBits Taster Pack

20 web sized Textures


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Transferring to your tablet
To get this Taster set into your chosen graphic tablet we recommend the use of Itunes to facilitate the upload of the complete file of textures to your Ipad or Android.
You can also use the new Adobe Creative Cloud to wirelessly transfer this set.

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