Albion on Sea

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From Jill and I, ‘Paul’ hope you all had Happy Holidays! 🙂
As its now midwinter, I thought it might be nice to revisit the summer,
last August on a balmy evening on England’s Eastborne beach at sunset.
One good thing about post-processing is its always possible to go back and redo images with your new skills and textures,
and I must admit I don’t do it enough!

So armed with our new Flypaper Autumn Painterly and last Summer’s Painterly Set,
I happily came across this unprocessed image.
Firstly to zap up the colours a little I used the new Nik 4
From now on I’ll also try to include my NiK colour settings, and here’s the first!

To get a nice green tone in the blue sky, I used Nik 4
Bi color filters no.1 (yellow brown) @18% Opacity, 100% Blend.
At this stage I also removed text on the red signs and blurred the guys face,
with an eye to selling the image without a release, this saves loads of later re-processing!

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