Sheep on the Hill

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First of all, we’d like to thank you all for your support over the past year and to wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas.
I’ve just finished wrapping the presents, the baking is done and it’s Christmas eve as I write this. I’m looking forward to a family BBQ followed by a relaxing holiday.
Now back to the photo, my woolly friends were in a paddock just up the river from our country hut/cottage and were watching me closely as I walked up the hill towards them.  I think these ones are used to being handled as they aren’t as flighty as sheep usually are.

I processed the photo when were were still trialling the new autumn Flypapers, and at that stage they had names like “November 10 gold” and “messy” and as we’ve said before, it’s when we finally come to give them their proper names that they take on personalities, so to speak.

Processing was fairly simple in this case, I only used two textures both from the new Autumn Painterly Pack.
Demi Jour @ soft light 100% blurred and masked from the sky using a graduated mask (this layer was more for the tone than the texture. )
Capability Brown @ Soft Light 100%
I then merged visible and to increase contrast used
Nik Efex Contrast colour range filter.
and it was done!
See it slightly larger on Flickr

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