Snow Trees

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Welcome to the first Paper Painterly Texture Pack Blog Post! Im currently delighted to be staying in the French Jura again, near the Swiss border as a returning guest of my art college friend I recently re-discovered living right here in France;  Amanda!
This image was from my last trip up here, but as ive just arrived we’ve not been back up to the snow line above the town yet so it may or may not be still like this when we plan to take another cross country ski trip over the weekend.  As you can see from the original image, it was purposely exposed quite dark to get a nice full range of tones around the watery sun, if id exposed it correctly it’d be very blown out. Thankfully the just released new Flypaper Paper Painterly set sorted this out beautifully!

After trying many textures, one after the other, from the full set loaded into Russell Brown’s automated Paper Panel plug-in in my Photoshop CC, I thought the final addition of the new Vellum texture added a final abstract touch that helped pull this simple composition together. I also gave the pine trees a final slight ‘pop’ by softly brushing away the vellum texture from them.

The original base image was lightly processed with a new Nik Preset which simply beefed up the contrast, this will be released within the next upcoming Preset pack, called simply; Snow Trees. Hopefully with this recent cold-snap in the northern hemisphere you’ll also have a last chance to grab some snow images to try with this new Paper Painterly set!

Snow Trees Fly Nik Preset Hard Light @ 30% – unreleased.

Baltic – Soft Light @ 100%

Andaman – Overlay @ 76%

Vellum – Soft Light @ 73% – softly brushed from Pine trees only.

Baltic, Andaman and Vellum are all from the Paper Painterly Pack
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