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We’re delighted to show you Russell Brown’s new free Pro Texture Panel! Exclusively available to Adobe Cloud paid members only.
As you can see from the screenshots texture thumbs its darker, grungier and moodier, even our green Flypaper sales button now has grunge!
This time we wanted to offer a totally different palette because with this pro panel you get both sets of Flypaper Texture samplers – hard-wired! Also it works twice as fast, its more snappy to use and it has a new innovative chaos button at the base.
For the complete science bit please head over to our friend, Jonathan Ferman’s Adobe Exchange Blog; Where even non-cloud members can also view Russell Brown’s new illustrative video tutorial that ships with this new Pro Panel.

Included in this new hard wired Pro-Panel, you’ll find several brand new textures, three of which are from Bonny Lhotka’s brand new,
yet to be launched Steampunk set!
We also include three new textures from our forthcoming textures set; Metallic Ice, Oval Crack and smoker, due out very soon!
An extra bonus is one of our Antique Edges, number 4, these edge type textures were what the first Panel lacked, so we hope you guys have a more altogether rounded textural experience!


Smoker – Soft Light @ 100%
Fly Edge 4 – Multiply @ 29%
Metallic Ice – Soft Light @ 100%

Smoker and Metallic Ice are from a soon-to-be released pack, Fly Edge 4 is from the Fly Edges pack.

Please visit our Pack page or Combo Pack page to buy Flypaper Textures.