Adobe Texture Panel FAQ

The Texture panel is no longer available from Adobe but if you have had it in the past it may still work. If it doesn’t work in your current version of Photoshop, try using an older version.
For Mac users, If you’re using the latest operating system then the panel doesn’t work, but if you use an older OS like Mojave, it apparently does work.
If you have trouble loading some of our earlier packs of textures the panel may not create the necessary thumbnails and you’ll get error messages. If that’s the case, please get in touch and we can send you the thumbnails to include with your texture packs. Our newer packs come with thumbnails, the older ones don’t.

A clean install of the panel into CC2014 is best, you can remove any previous versions via the Extension Manager
If thumbnails aren’t loading, check that the folder you’re trying to load actually contains either Jpeg or png files.
Make sure you wait until all the thumbnails have loaded, the loading of thumbnails can take a little while to actually start and complete.

– On some computers the settings for file privileges will not allow the panel to save files to nested folders. We highly recommend that you initially place your texture folders on the desktop when creating the thumbnails folder.
After the thumbnails are created then you can move the folder to any other location.

You may have to reset your Photoshop preferences to get it to work. Here’s the instructions to do this;
1 – Launch Photoshop with the Option/Commend/Shift keys all selected.
2 – When prompted, select to rebuild your prefs.
3 – Restart Photoshop and load the Panel.
4 – It should now be working correctly again.

Finally, older and less powerful computers or computers that don’t have much memory left in some cases might not manage to get to this panel work at all, so please bear this in mind.
We’re sorry but we can not offer further assistance, but these tips above normally sort people out! 🙂