Afternoon Shade

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For my final blog post before my trip to England, I found an image from my last trip to Rye in East Sussex, a lovely medieval silted up port. I spent an afternoon walking up and down the narrow cobbled lanes and even bought small antique china and enamel retro kitchen ware from twee antique shops and charity stores with an eye to using them in future still life set-ups back in France.

This couple of old dears were slowly ambling along, and I managed to steal a cheeky shot, whist they dithered in a pub doorway. Strangely the word ‘mint’ poped up behind them whilst texturing, which I quickly cloned out, and I now see its a famous pub, I swear I don’t hang around pubs with trip-wires for models!
For the annoying crease across the gents shirt, which Martine advised me to iron out, I sometimes show work in progress to Martine or Jill and vice-versa, as its always handy to have the input from a fresh pair of eyes!

His shirt patten annoyed me, as I thought it made the pair look slightly too modern, so I blurred the shirt area only with Gaussian blur and it worked a treat, I also blurred the whole image to soften and enhance the feel of afternoon heat.
The recipe was fairly straight forward after a colour tweak in Nik Color Pro, using these settings:

Cross Processing B02 53%
Classical Soft Focus 1- Defused detail 18%, Strength 43%, Brightness 6%

Flypaper Textures:

Sariel Leather @ Soft Light  73%
Muscatel @Soft light  39% (blurred)
Pantheon Stone @Soft Light  100%
Swanns Way @Soft Light  17%

Sariel Leather is from the Summer Painterly Pack. Muscatel is from Tex Box 2, Pantheon Stone  and Swanns way are from the Spring Painterly pack

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