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Welcome to our Flypaper Textures 5th anniversary launch and our 2nd much requested new set of Edges!
This all new derived antique glass plate negative set is slightly different from the first set as we’ve knocked back the brightness to make blending easier, we also decided to publish this set in a portrait format, this gives it an easier to use start-off point for your portrait formats and book cover images. Other changes are a slightly bigger format with the smaller sized edge @ 4500px rather than the original 4000px .

Way back in 2010 we launched our ground breaking original concept set of Edges. Scanned from large format, antique glass plate negatives in just such a way that the tarnish was captured and not the original image. We then enhanced this effect, sympathetically re-coloured and cleaned up each image – but not too much!  These plates work best when merged with modern day imagery for that authentic antique grunge look that many people crave. And finally, as always, we try to cram as many plates as possible into a pack, so this new pack now contains a hefty 40 plates! Downloads will thus take a little longer as this set is over 700mb so, be warned, though in tests we averaged  a 5 min download time with a decent internet speed.

These edges can be used in conjunction with our normal Flypapers or on their own. We’re really looking forward to framing our new look with you over the next few months!

Happy Edging! 🙂

This pack contains 40 portrait format textures with a minimum size of 4500 px at 300 dpi
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Antique Edges 2

40 Antique Edge Textures

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Please note it’s a large file, so depending on your connection may take a while to download, so why not grab a coffee while you’re waiting.