An apple a day

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Continuing the fruity theme here today….
Usually I don’t set out with an idea in mind for a photo, I tend to improvise along the way, adding and subtracting components till I find something that works. I started with a plain apple, added plates and knives before settling on a plain partially peeled apple and the knife and since I didn’t have a red apple in the house, you get a lovely green Granny Smith! Once again the photo was taken with the Lensbaby edge 80, I love it for still-lifes!
Now the processing
Greystoke @ Overlay 40% masked gently from the fruit
Aqua Vita @ Soft Light 68%
Then I merged visable CTRL -ALT -Shift-E on my PC
And used a Nik preset that I created which you can download HERE
It looked okay at this stage but I decided it needed a little more warmth and depth so I added another texture
Inferno @ Soft Light 38%

Greystoke is from the Autumn Painterly Pack, Aqua Vita and Inferno are from the August Painterly Pack.

How to import presets and/or recipes in Color Efex 4
Open Color Efex Pro 4 from the host application that you use (Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture).
Click “Recipes” in the left panel.
At the bottom of the Recipes menu, click “Import.”
Select the “.np” preset files you have saved and import them.
These presets will then be located in the “Imported” section.

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