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I love taking photos of fruit and it doesn’t worry me if they’re a bit past their prime, I think all the wrinkles and spots add to the interest. These scruffy little specimens came from a tree growing beside a road which probably undoubtedly started life as an apple core thrown from the car window. I’d picked them hoping they were sour, as wild apples often are, for making a savoury  chilli and apple jelly.  Unfortunately they weren’t sour but they did make good photos blemishes and all and the jelly wasn’t too bad either.
Now the very easy processing.
Villa Adriana @ soft light 100% (I love this texture! it’s so versatile).
Capability Brown @ soft light 100% masked softly from the focus fruit
Nik colour efex Ink (default settings) but at a low setting @ Normal 66% (this layer just tweaked the tone a little, you could probably use curves to achieve the same effect).

Capability Brown is from the Autumn pack and Villa Adriana from the Spring Painterly.
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