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Once again apologies for the lack of recipe blog posts recently, we’ve been very busy with pack launches and suchlike, hopefully we’ll be posting more here soon, I know Paul has some lovely ones to share with you but in the meantime, another flower!

These aquilegia also have the very apt common name of Granny’s Bonnets, you can just imagine granny in her pretty pastel blue bonnet! Another common name for them is columbine, which apparently comes from the Latin for dove as the inverted flower resembles 5 doves crowded together. I love finding out how things got their names! The flowers which are perennials grow like weeds in my garden and most of seedlings seem to revert to a dark purple colour, thankfully there are few of these pretty pale blue ones though.

The processing and it’s relatively subtle…
Fly Nik Presets 6 Brussels Portrait (adjusted to taste)
Alonso @ Soft Light 77%
Miranda @ Overlay 25% (removed from focus flower using a mask)

Fly 6 Brussels Portrait is from the new Nik Presets Pack, Alonso and Miranda are from the Tempest Painterly Texture Pack.

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