August Painterly launch

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Welcome to the launch of our long awaited August Texture Pack which was inspired by the charms of Venice, with its mists and dazzling Adriatic waters! Once again this collection is mostly Landscape oriented as is often requested.
This pack also includes, for the first time, it’s very own Taster pack, which is a random selection of reduced sized textures from this Pro sized set. We hope you’ll try this in the Russell Brown Adobe Flypaper panel, and then be inspired to add your own downsized favourites from this collection!

To launch, I chose this humdrum landscape, shot through a telescopic lens looking towards the distant Mediterranean sea, this is from the northern outskirts of my city of Beziers, where on the right you can see the huge Clamshell inspired opening stadium, and on the left is a lovely ancient ruined stone Chapel.

The image was far too dark as it was shot in very bright sun and I didn’t want a blown-out sky. The problems were sorted out just with these textures, which brightened and re-balanced and gave a kind of nice old master painterly look. The Textures I used were just from the included August taster pack, so you can also get stuck-in and start texturing as fast as possible, we look forward to seeing your results in the Flickr group that all our fans are invited to join, so bring it on!

Tabula – Soft Light @ 86%

Tabula – Soft Light @ 84% Land part softly brushed away in most parts

Tiepolo – Soft Light @ 100%

Inferno – Soft Light @ 55%

Opus – Soft Light @ 15%

Venito – Soft Light @ 34%

Tempesta – Soft Light @ 49%

Duplicate layer of base image -Overlay @ 36% Very dark parts of land gently brushed away

August Painterly Photographic Textures

40 Painterly Grunge Textures

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