Bell Tower

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I’ve recently started using my Lensbaby again, with the Optic 80, ideal for tilt shift effects looking down from the mountains, and frankly a lot lighter to carry! Its also great for capturing a moody, painterly effect. Enhanced by the painterly filters in Topaz Impression and finishing with our Flypaper Textures.

Freshly home from the Haute-Savoie, an up-market ski resort village of Megeve, where they’ve strived to keep the ancient center as picturesque as possible and ensuring that all new ski lodges have traditional raw alpine cladding. This is their tourist office with an original bell tower, perhaps an old village hall or school in the past? I’ve always loved the ghostly effect you get in victorian Camera Obscura’s, a kind of glowing yet blurry effect from their inaccurate lenses which Lensbabies and Lomo cameras also capture but need the help of our textural grunge to give that final polished analogue effect.

Shot in mid morning sunlight, the final 4 textures gave a rich sunset effect to finish, after using a Topaz Impression painterly filter at 50% layer opacity. I rebalanced by darkening the sky with a duplicated layer of the base image and brushed off the bottom half with the layer settings as below.

Topaz Impression painterly filter saved @ 50% strength

Sky duplicated layer – Multiply @ 37%

Muscatel – Soft Light @ 50%

Sakura Skies – Overlay @ 45%

– Soft Light @ 31%

– Overlay @ 32% (colour desaturated)

Muscatel is from Tex Box 2, Sakura Skies is from Spring Painterly,  Rococo and Danielli are from the August Painterly pack.

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