Between a rock and a hard place

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Because of Covid restrictions, I’ve been going through my back catalogue and came up with this image from 10 years ago, taken at the base of the chalk cliffs on the edge of England’s Eastbourne on the south coast.

Getting up at the crack of dawn – I went back to my hotel for breakfast – for some nice authentic sea mist, I quickly built this chalk pebble tower to add a bit of height to the foreground. I made it exceptionally difficult for myself by using a Lensbaby, these days it’s probably better to use a normal lens and photoshop the effect, but you never get the same ‘analogue feel’ and it does give lovely blurred edges that are perfect to texture, anyhow, no pain – no gain!

From the base image, you can see that I cleaned up the chalk pebbles and removed a feature in the sky which was a distraction. It wasn’t so bad in this square crop but it spoilt the portrait version.

Processing was fairly simple, firstly I used the Ink Cep4 filter in the Nik Color app to add an attractive colour cast and brighten up the shadows, then I used three Flypaper Textures from our Impressionist Painterly collection, loaded into Dr. Russell Brown’s fabulous Paper Panel script in Photoshop.


Lemmen – Soft Light @ 30%

Menzil – Overlay @ 28%

Whistler – Soft Light @ 30%

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