Black Mill

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During these strange locked down Coronavirus days its always good to have images to fall back on. Upon finding this image I’d taken 10 years ago, in Rottingdean near Brighton where this huge black Beacon Mill overlooks the English Channel. When it was built back in 1802, it defiantly faced France with its great Napoleonic foe.
Here these black sentinels are still facing the wind some 218 years later, though now in genteel retirement, their flour grinding days are sadly long gone. This one stands in the rough, on the edge of a charming hilltop golf course.
There used to be many such windmills but now all but a handful survive.
These particular mills were made famous in a classic Michael Cain Movie;
The Black Mill. The two windmills in that movie are in nearby Brighton.

I thought I’d try our latest pack of Edwardian Antique Edges with it and loved the final moody antique grunge effect.

Processing was very easy, I first desaturated the very colourful base image in Photoshop and loaded the Flypaper Antique Edges into Russel Brown’s free Adobe paper texture App, which makes texturing a delight without re-sizing and pulling the textures to fit.

The three textures used were as below:

Edwardian Edges Plate 16 Divide @ 23%

Edwardian Edges Plate 15 Divide @ 49%

Edwardian Edges Plate 46 Divide @ 46%

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