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You’ll be pleased to know that the Hydrangea that I planted last season has remained blue! So I’m happy! I’m now hoping the bush will grow a bit bigger now and have a mass of flowers to brighten a fairly bland corner of my garden. While we’re on the hydrangea subject, I was given another hydrangea bush for Christmas which I planted it at our country hut. Unfortunately when the river that borders the property is low, the sheep from the paddock over the fence can get in via the river bank and this is what they did a month or so back. They ate everything; hosta, roses, flax bushes, potatoes, they even nibbled on conifers and I was expecting the hydrangea to have been eaten to ground level too!  Obviously hydrangea mustn’t be palatable to sheep because apart from a nibbled flower, it remained, almost the only thing that hadn’t been eaten.

Back to the photo, I revisited some old textures for the processing of this…
Peacock @ Soft Light 100% masked from the flower.
Apple Moss which was desaturated a bit and toned slightly more blue using a hue saturation adjustment @ Overlay 75% and masked softly from the flower.
Cobalt Cloud @ Overlay 52% Masked from the flower to taste.

Peacock and Apple Moss are from the Spring Painterly Pack and Cobalt Cloud is from the Summer Painterly Pack.

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