butterfly and view

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As its now cold and wet outside its nice to revisit unprocessed images from back in june whilst traveling in England. I stayed overnight at Leeds Castle, confusingly located in kent where I stole this shot of their cottage gardens looking down over the lake towards distant woods. You can just catch a glimpse of the lake between the topiary hedges.

Flowers and I don’t really mix as I’m 6’4″ tall and bending right down with my neck condition isn’t my idea of fun, thus I really miss the old flip up LCD screen I had on the Sony Alpha, though you can now get LCD screens to top your Canon full-chip camera but its just another gizmo to pack and carry! So thankfully, I came across these tall alliums and Iris flowers.

I decided early on to add a little something to try and pull the top and bottom parts together, bored with birds I remembered our old friend Susan of Glorious Nature overlays fame had some lovely ready cut out png butterfly sets, so i pulled out this large swallow tailed beauty and tried it in a few places, I had to tone it down slightly as my textures didn’t soften or mute it enough, and I also added a little movement blur, to make it appear it was fluttering into the picture.
The sky was far too bright even though it was early morning, so I doubled up the sky layer and brushed the rest away and overlaid in Multiply mode after warming the blue tones.

I used just 2 textures, Lime plaster to create a haze and finished with the old favorite – Muscatel to warm and add a slight vignette effect, both textures placed on top of Sue’s Glorious Nature Butterfly which bring a touch of summer to any dreary autumnal day!

Swallowtail in Flight II -@ Normal @ 68%
Lime Plaster -@ Soft Light @ 33%
Copy of sky only @ Multiply @ 73%
Muscatel @ Soft Light @ 65%

Lime Plaster and Muscatel are from Tex Box 2
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