Cliff Cottages

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Just came across this image that I’ve so far never processed, I think I tried before but couldn’t balance out the heavy bottom part properly, though some would perhaps say I still haven’t!

However, this time I had Nik Color Pro to help out rebalance and I created a new preset that will probably be out in the next pack. This brightened, lightened the middle and darkened the sky. I now find it a bit too fruity, but that’s easily remedied by a colour tweak.

I achieved the painterly effect in Topaz Impression, and saved the effect, ‘Oil Painting’ at just 50% strength before continuing processing.
Processing was straightforward, choosing textures from our recent Distressed Painterly Texture Pack uploaded into our Russell Brown Paper texture plug-in, which now spins textures around to their correct format without stretching as it used to, thanks to our suggesting this upgrade to him in the summer!

Shot on location in early summer morning mist at Cuckmere Haven, near Eastbourne, England’s south coast facing the famous seven sisters chalk cliffs.

Forest Patina – Hard Light @ 10%

Verdaccio – Overlay @ 64%

Sakura Skies – Soft Light @ 68%

Forest Patina and Verdaccio are from the Distressed Painterly Pack. Sakura Skies is from the Spring Painterly Pack.

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