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Back to work after a long hot, dry summer in France, where i’ve been busily turning our 300 year old barn into an artist’s studio come photo studio.
Along with concreting the earth floor I’m also fitting roof windows, the first is up and working and is partly lighting this simple still life along with the big open barn doors allowing the sunny gardens reflected light.
As i’ve also just purchased my very first 50mm prime lens and thought I’d very quickly try it out with this partly painted backdrop canvas and very old table.
The raw result was flat and boring, but I thought I could rescue and pull it all together with Flypapers help!
Firstly, I lightened it a little in Camera raw, whilst toning down the white highlights, then in photoshop I duplicated it and opened Nik colour pro and used ‘Super Cross Pop’ preset.
I then opened the image in Topaz Impression and used one of my painterly presets at the usual 50% strength just to give it a painterly feel without degrading its quality too much.
Finally I opened the Russell Brown paper texture panel, preloaded with our Vignette textures from earlier this year and dialed through a few until I came across the perfect texture, brushed off the texture from the table top
and viola! Finally, I merged and slightly lightened the flat image with levels.

Flypaper Vignette no.44 Texture in Soft Light @ 100%

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