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Sometimes whilst searching for textures I’ll also fall upon a shot I can use and what a great day that is! Here we were in a village in a very deep gorge that’s known for its champagne type sparkling wine.

Being in a deep gorge on a cloudy winter’s day it was quite murky, and so a flashgun would have been handy, but it would also have killed this simple image. And who walks around with a flash diffuser anyhow?

Processing was fairly simple, I created a new preset which we’ll share later called ‘Dungeon’, wasn’t from a dungeon, I just thought the finished image suggested one!

After the colour tweak in Nik color 4 I opened the shot up on photoshop’s newish Tilt Shift filter and created the blurring effect to get rid of the stone texture before adding our own flypaper Ethereal painterly textures.

The blurred Tilt Shift area creates a fine canvas for texturing and after playing around with Russell Brown’s wonderful Flypaper Panel, hit upon three textures as listed below.

Hydra – Soft Light @ 100%

Oberon – Soft Light @ 100%

Nix – Soft Light @ 100%

We never did get to taste any of the gorge villages sparkling wine as it was all shut-up for winter, but will return next summer. Finally, we’ve been informed that Topaz has an amazing 40% off sale, you can go for your ‘tasting’ HERE! 🙂

All three textures are from our last popular Ethereal Painterly pack  of textures.

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