Chocolate Easter Egg Grunge

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Today we have a sweet treat to follow the Paul’s entrée of artichokes! I bought these little eggs especially for photographic purposes -as a popular advert here in New Zealand would say “Yeah Right!” I managed to resist temptation long enough to take photos of them. No fancy lights or lighting for me,  just window light as always but some day I’ll learn to use my lovely new  flash properly -lights wouldn’t have been very good for the chocolate in any case!
The eggs by the way are delicious, crunchy on the outside, chocolate on the inside, just don’t expect any more photos of them!
Happy Easter everyone!

Now the processing, I decided to give it the grunge flypaper treatment using a couple of old favourites from Tex Box 2.

Archival Canvas @ soft light 17%
Backdrop @ multiply 100%
Backdrop @ hard light 49% removed from the eggs and bowl using a layer mask.
Copy of background @ multiply 25%
I then merged visible Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E (on my PC)
And applied the Nik colour efex pro Remove Colour Cast filter
Finally  I used a  curves layer to improve the tone and it was done.

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