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Welcome to the launch of our first Textures Pack of the year with our Ethereal Painterly Textures!
This packs launch coincides with a rare planetary alignment going on right now and so its theme perfectly matches our Ethereal textures names!
We have found 50 heavenly bodied names to perfectly describe our soft, smokey ethereal textures.

Our brand new Ethereal painterly pack has something for everybody!
Whilst orbiting around this pack you’ll no doubt become inspired by their smoky, textural grunginess and they’ll certainly help add a little stardust to your heavenly creations!
This new, easy to use, bumper sized pack launches our 2016 season’s new collections and what better way to start than by going boldly where no man has gone before!
From Andromeda to Uranus adding up to fifty bumper sized celestial creations incorporating our popular pastel toned brush strokes, perfectly complementing these swirly, misty textural planetoids!
So, come and dive into the seas of Calypso, lose yourself in the sands of Ceres, slide the ice of Sinop and then roast in the heat of Deimos and create your own celestial alignments with this out of this world themed pack of planetary themed textures!

The Ethereal Painterly Pack contains 50 rectangular shaped textures which are 6000 by 4000 pixels and are at industry printing standard 300ppi.

All our textures can be used in any editing programme that supports the use of layers, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp etc You can also use our textures on your iPad, Android and smart phones if you have the Photoshop Touch app installed. You can only use them in Lightroom if you use an add-on that allows Lightroom to use layers such as Perfect Layers.
To download, click on the add to cart button, a download link will be sent to you upon payment.

Ethereal Painterly

50 Painterly Textures

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