Fishing lures

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I’ve built up a collection of old tobacco tins over the years, they’ve mostly been acquired from the family fishing bags and workshops. In their post tobacco lives they’ve held such things as screws and tacks, sinkers and hooks and lures! They’re great to take photos of too. Useful things tins!!

We’re often asked how we choose the textures we use in our photos, my choices are often fairly random, I just open a texture folder and try whichever texture catches my eye first, if it doesn’t work I try another. Once I’ve got one applied that works, and if the photo needs it, I look for another that will enhance the photo…add colour, add more texture or pattern, add softness etc.
Now the processing of this one.
Greystoke @ overlay 100% masked roughly from the background.
Palazzo @ Overlay 69%
Galatea @ Overlay 100% masked softly from the tins and desaturated a little using a hue adjustment layer.
Texturing done, I turned to Nik Colour Efex and used the Darken/Lighten Centre filter to add a little bit of brightness to the central portion.

Greystoke is from the Autumn Painterly, Palazao is from the August Painterly and Galatea is from the Spring Painterly.

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