Flooded River Saone

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Firstly, a big Happy New year to all our readers!
Up here in eastern France we’ve had a very soggy winter, warmer than usual but also much wetter and because of all that rain we’ve not had much chance of getting fresh images, but on Sunday we had a rare golden hour when I captured some lovely floodscapes on a very flooded River Saone.
Shot from an ancient raised Roman road above the flooded farmfields, these trees are normally overgrown hedgerow tops and not the banks of a huge lake!

For processing I just used our new Flypaper Vignettes texture pack  after first upping the tonal contrast in Nik color Pro.
The lovely sunset mauve tones were natural but enhanced the colours with the textures.
When texturing very subtle images like this, its always a good idea to duplicate your base image and layer it on top of your textures if you feel youre losing too much fine detail as I have in this recipe.

Vignette no.48 in Overlay @ 48%
Vignette no.5 in Overlay @ 100%
Duplicated base image in Softlight @ 75%
Duplicated base image in Softlight @ 75%
Vignette no.20 in Overlay @ 22%

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